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DEX에 나열하는 Firop

수많은 협상과 교환 평가를 거친 후 우리는 DEX에 대한 FDP 토큰 목록이 토큰 소지자 및 기관 투자자에게 가장 적합하고 안전하다는 결론을 얻었으며 Waves에 등록하기로 결정했습니다.

웨이브 전송 : 2018 년 11 월 19 일 8:00 UTC

우리는 Waves에 상장하는 것이 우리의 프로젝트가 인정 받고 많은 글로벌 투자자들이 관심을 갖게하는데 크게 기여할 것이라고 믿습니다.

Firop DEXへ公開


Wavesへの移行日時:2018年11月19日  8:00 UTC




转移到海浪:2018年11月19日8:00 UTC


Firop to list on DEX

After numerous negotiations and evaluations of exchanges, we have determined that a listing of the FDP tokens on a DEX is the most appropriate and safe for our token holders and institutional investors, and thereby have decided to list on Waves.

Transfer to Waves: November 19th, 2018 8:00 UTC

We believe that listing on Waves will greatly contribute to our project being recognized and capturing interest by many global investors.


To tackle the worldwide water crisis, the first World Water Forum was held in Morocco in 1997. This forum held every 3 years, defines the goals to prevent water deficiency. Although the problem has been debated for over 20 years, the world interest is still low. By making a water market, we will attract global attention and be proactive in solving the water crisis.

Firopの事業に重要な項目であるFirop Chainの開発は順調に進んでいると報告を受けています。また、MIOを構築するためのオリエンテーションも進められています。このようにFiropの事業は予定通り順調に進んでおり、今後の進捗状況においてもこの "Mastodon" を通じて皆様へ正確に発表していきます。

We have reports that the development of one of our most important components “Firop Chain” is moving along smoothly. We are also conducting an orientation to establish the MIO. You can see that the Firop business is moving forward, and we will keep everyone correctly informed of our progress through “Mastodon”.

先日ご案内しました通り、Firopの情報配信はこの分散型SNSである "Mastodon" からの配信に移行されました。今回の移行により、事業環境構築への人的リソースを集中させると共に、情報を分散型SNSによる配信とすることでより信頼性の高いものとし、事業価値の正確な判断に繋げていきます。

As we have announced the other day, we have moved Firop’s information platform to the decentralized social networking system, “Mastodon”. With this transfer, we are able to focus our resources on the establishment of our business environment, increase the level of trust by sending information through a decentralized social network platform, and lead to a proper evaluation of our business value.

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