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Folks I've made a handy little web app for easily creating a nice twitter header with a QR code link to your 🐘 page now that we can't put links in our bio 🙄

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Announcing our pub nominees for the 2022 Dog-Friendliest Venues of the Year Awards.

Is your local here?

This inflation has prematurely aged me into one of those constantly aghast old gits - £7 a pint! £8 beans on toast! etc

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@felixthehat I stood just in front of there and used an app - was Jupiter at the top and Venus at the bottom

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@felixthehat if you are looking SSW that's Mars (TL) and Jupiter (BR)

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@felixthehat Did you just take that photo? The Brighton in the island kingdom? I'd say Venus and Jupiter (top left).

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@felixthehat I'd say (from top to bottom) Mars, Jupiter (and Venus right on the horizon) assuming this was taken at around 6pm

Are these two stars or planets over bandstand this delightful eve? Feel like I should probably know this at my age

Have to admire stickermule’s sales , they’re like the opposite of spam.

Low volume, plain text, good deals, no bollocks

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We are excited to be announcing the 2022 Dog-Friendliest Venues of the Year Award Nominees over the course of this week – starting this afternoon with the winners announced next week!


* Dog friendliest café – Hove
* Dog friendliest café – Brighton
* Dog pub of the year – Hove
* Dog pub of the year – Brighton
* Dogs allowed shop of the year
* Instagram account of the year
* Dog friendly hairdresser of the year
* Fancy dog friendly restaurant of the year

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📯 2022 **Dog-Friendliest Venues of the Year Awards** news! 📯

As it's awards season, we wanted to thank and promote the dog-friendliest venues we visited in 2022.


* Small chains or independent businesses only
* Must sport a Dogs Welcome window sticker
* Must be dog friendly lol


* Category winners will be added to our Editor's Picks
* Runners up will be added to category pages Editor's Picks
* A Shiny Sticker ✨

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It's release day! We have two new releases for your delectation:

:nuxt: **Nuxt v3.1.2** - your regularly scheduled patch release with bug fixes + some small DX improvements:

:nuxt: **Nuxt v2.16.0** - a long awaited minor bump for Nuxt 2 (including PostCSS 8!). Note that there are some breaking changes from dependency upgrades, so do read the release notes carefully:

As always, please do let us know via a bug report if you encounter any issues, and happy upgrading! :raised_hands:

Such a vibrant music scene in . So many great indie venues and promoters. Kid Kapichi were amazing at Chalk last night, Japanese Television tonight at Komedia 🤘

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Record mondial actuel de la photographie de paysage à distance la plus longue (terre -- terre) 2016

~443 KM | Pic de Finestrelles, Pyrénées –-> Pic Gaspard, Alpes

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I'm a big fan of Raycast, and now I can use it for all sorts of #Netlify actions thanks to this extension. I can even use it to quickly search the docs.

There's been a lot of good stuff out of the design folks lately the teams icon is not amongst that good stuff

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