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Folks I've made a handy little web app for easily creating a nice twitter header with a QR code link to your 🐘 page now that we can't put links in our bio 🙄

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It's release day! We have two new releases for your delectation:

:nuxt: **Nuxt v3.1.2** - your regularly scheduled patch release with bug fixes + some small DX improvements:

:nuxt: **Nuxt v2.16.0** - a long awaited minor bump for Nuxt 2 (including PostCSS 8!). Note that there are some breaking changes from dependency upgrades, so do read the release notes carefully:

As always, please do let us know via a bug report if you encounter any issues, and happy upgrading! :raised_hands:

Such a vibrant music scene in . So many great indie venues and promoters. Kid Kapichi were amazing at Chalk last night, Japanese Television tonight at Komedia 🤘

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Record mondial actuel de la photographie de paysage à distance la plus longue (terre -- terre) 2016

~443 KM | Pic de Finestrelles, Pyrénées –-> Pic Gaspard, Alpes

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I'm a big fan of Raycast, and now I can use it for all sorts of #Netlify actions thanks to this extension. I can even use it to quickly search the docs.

There's been a lot of good stuff out of the design folks lately the teams icon is not amongst that good stuff

The new `useSeoMeta` is a welcome addition in 3.1

title: 'some title',
description: 'some description',
ogDescription: 'some ogDescription',
ogTitle: 'some ogTitle',
ogImage: 'some ogImage',
twitterCard: 'some twitterCard',

Super handy plugin, Logo Layout – for when you're given a load of odd-sized and shaped logos, this plugin makes them all a reasonable fit

Mega handy app - Boop!

Format JSON, Base64 Encode, JSON > CSV, Trim, Reverse, Sort etc etc

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Some great #Blender users to follow:

👉 @metin - "Freelance Dutch illustrator, 3D sculptor, pixel artist, et cetera. Voluntary moderator of the @blenderartists forum."

👉 @saphires - "Lead Technical Artist, Game & Graphics Engineer, Core Algorithm Dev @ ReactiveReality."

👉 @dedouze - French artist with a very distinctive style.

👉 @monsterjavaguns - Author of "Blender for Dummies", works for Orange Turbine / @cgcookie, Moderator of the @blenderartists forum.

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First time I've spotted this in Firefox's dev tools.

Hovering over the transform CSS rule shows you where the element has moved from.

#CSS #Firefox #FrontEndDevelopment

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Pretty hard to beat OVH on pricing, I just set up VPS for *81 pence a month*. Add a .ovh domain name for £1.59 a year. It's sitting happily at 8% CPU running some node bots 🤘

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Seems you can scroll through @ivory accent colours by two-finger swiping up and down ✨

(On tweetbot it scrolled through the themes)

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@felixthehat @jamiet
As far as uniqueness goes, ok.
But in "what could go wrong" terms, don't assume that the url on an external site will always still be usefully live, not 404, over time!

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@felixthehat as long as you can guarantee it’s unique, don’t see it as a problem. If you’ve got lots (I.e. millions) of rows in there then it’s not going to perform all that great, but if your data volumes are small, probably ok.

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