I'll be moving to @dv@glyphy.com in a bit. 🤞🏻

Have decided to call the DOM-ignorant reply guys "Reactors", no matter what framework they use.

as a Principal engineer, half your job is figuring out what your job is

Ok my new mastodon community, as promised, you are seeing this FIRST: I'm excited to share our lab's first public-facing survey on Developer Thriving. PLEASE share widely!

Our research and YOUR insights will be shared back with the community in white papers, research briefs, blogposts, and more.


Canadians! Prepare for a honkfest this Wed Nov 16 as AlertReady #Canada tests their honking abilities.

(For #NovaScotia: 1:55 PM AST)


I realize I’m currently all in on *waves hands around vaguely* but this critique is extremely trenchant and it would be silly to pretend these things AREN’T true of the Fediverse:

“Federation isn't about giving users freedom, it's about giving nerds a sense of control.” cohost.org/tef/post/298638-sur

One of the things I've been thinking about more in my current research with software teams is the long-term impacts of hostile situations *across* orgs and teams. The downstream effects of this kind of experience on people's future career choices go really deep and really far.

making webpage-style content for "X things people are wrong about" and adding something to it instead of Posting Into The Rage Feeds is a nice/calming internet pattern I'd recommend.

examples: maya.land/words/peeves/ maya.land/mastodon/#things-tha

Mastodon meta: browser extensions for usability 

Looks like this is exactly what I was imagining here! github.com/rugk/mastodon-simpl

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I wish there was a way to build your own individual Federated timeline, so that you can follow a consolidated collection of your chosen _instances_ (not just individuals) without either bombaring the rest of your instance or having to open each instance's public page individually

An RSS reader sorta kinda works but then functions like following/boosting/replying get tedious fast

I really really really want mastodon (and all of the world) to be a place where Black and brown bodied people can enjoy themselves and be safe in their day to day lives, where we white people can grow into our humanity realizing that racism hurts us, too.

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OK I'm back to report that LYTD is the synth trip I needed today, and that I must've been going through something rough in 2009 not to have liked the pop-punk riot that's Sainthood.

This may become a stan account idk

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mental health 

here is a story about how hard it is to take a compliment sometimes

a long long time ago, one of my newsletter readers told me that they were heading home from work and looking forward to getting my newsletter

I wrote it in Portland on the west coast so it would come out around the end of the workday in the UK

They looked forward to reading it on the tube on their commute

I would have not have believed you if you'd told me last year that, during one week in November, crypto would self-destruct right as W3C-protocol based federated server protocols would blossom.

Just a reminder about Mastodon.

Try not to directly upload videos here.
You have to remember that these videos have to be stored on the server that you're hosted on.

This would also eat up on available bandwidth, storage and memory resources of said servers and slow them down. Which would force server hosts to upgrade at a substantial cost.

Suggested idea...

Upload to YouTube, Vimeo or other video streaming services and share the link to the video here instead.

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