That's not an air raid siren going off, it's just my macbook's fans choking on 61 outdated formulae.

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Decided I'd do a quick little "brew install" for a package after getting back from leave.

And then realized my work computer hadn't run "brew upgrade" in 3 months.

Going back on leave while it updates.

SZA’s SOS came out a month ago but I just found it today. Feels like an album that will stick for a long time.

F2F and Conceited are current loopers - Conceited sounds like the Young Thug / Jamie XX collab in the best way.

My Twitter feed is much, much quieter than it used to be. But the conversation isn’t all here on Mastodon.

Have people migrated to Post or Hive? Or is the group chat just dead now?

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The New York Times has editorialized angrily against forced arbitration -- a system designed to protect companies from accountability.

So guess what I found in my inbox this morning. Yes! Subscribers to the NY Times must now submit to forced arbitration if there's a dispute:

“Why was it important to drop “murder” from the hornet’s name?”

“To avoid stoking fear, which is, you know, the murder part.”

I’m on parental leave until January and have totally forgotten how to come back from leave.

If you’ve done it recently, what helped you come back from leave without losing your mind? (Attitudes, scheduling changes, whatever)

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Oh hell yeah. @mozilla is launching a Mastodon instance in early 2023! I’m very excited for this. Mozilla is really good at what they do. Firefox has over 200M monthly active users, and with any luck they’ll build better support for the fediverse into Firefox itself. Mastodon will greatly benefit from easy to use professionally run instances that can handle massive scaling

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Run fedifinder on your 🐦 account:

It now creates a json list of ALL of your followers, so you can continue to refer to that list even when tools / links / etc are disabled.

Ah, the time of year where I can’t remember whether “route non-www to www” for my domain is a DNS or .htaccess problem and I spend four hours on stackoverflow.

The water is warm and not arbitrary over here.

Multi-billion dollar startup idea for parents: Content ID for kids shows, that generates an inverse sound wave to your airpods while your kid watches TV.

Noise cancellation for, say, Daniel Tiger, so you don't walk around with "Ugga Mugga" stuck in your head.

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I have thought about it and Thursday was one of the 10 funniest days in the history of Silicon Valley

I suppose "Toot!" isn't any less ridiculous than "Tweet!" is it?

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