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I just learn that in Python (and probably maths and whatever), '-1 % n' always equals 'n - 1'.. This makes so many things easier!

But I've only seen 4 episodes so far so maybe there is some good stuff there.

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This new Bill Nye show is... wierd.

I feelslike it's more about trying to shut down conservatives on things like climate change denial and gender stuff rather than actually teaching the audience.

Very lacking in substance for something with 30 min episodes.

@mastodontips Whoa, you can have profile images with alpha channels?

There's this hard turn to looking up cyberpunk stuff following playing Deus Ex in 2013 that's pretty great.

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I just found a file of my youtube search history I exported like a year ago.. It shows a scarily accurate timeline of my time in high school..

Like, the way notifications work atm is pretty inconsistent.

For replies, boosts and favourites, you've got the '...' drop down, but not for follows.

For follows, boosts and favourites you've got the 'so and so...' header, but not for replies.

You'd need one of these two to be consistent in order to place a 'dismiss' or an 'x' button or whatever.

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I should really find a good way to use the notification dismissal API I made ( on the frontend, but I'm not sure where you'd put the button..

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Checking out VSCode per @wavebeem's recommendation. So many features 👀

Huh, so it _is_ based on Electron. Weird that it's so much faster than Atom tho..

I am definitely enjoying using VS Code so far. Have a feeling this isn't what the terminal is meant to be used for tho.

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