@nergdron@witches.town @grime_witch@witches.town Well, what would make you feel like you're cute?

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don't you love applying to wage slavery not even knowing if you'll be accepted to be a wage slave? I'm pretty privileged as I will be fine whether or not it happens, just with mild annoyance, but jesus I can't imagine being economically disadvantaged and having your meal rest on whether or not the bloke on the home depot hiring team decides you deserve to lift boxes all day

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This is another elephant friend artwork by @dopatwo. If this was on a shirt, would that look nice? mastodon.social/media/md2jxTrk

Jesus H Christ, McDonalds Japan has made nearly 7 million tweets: twitter.com/Love_McD

@grime_witch@witches.town ngl this tbh

Ah, they use '.xpi' even for WebExtensions, weird.

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Ah, you can get the url of the extension from the '+ Add to Firefox' button, then unzip that. An alarming amount of addons seem to use '.xpi's given that they're going to be killed off before the end of the year..

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Is the source code for Firefox plugins hosted anywhere? I'd really not like to start from scratch to create a plugin that refetches broken bookmark favicons..

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@nielsk What is up with these sites and using an 80s/synthwave/vaporware aesthetic? mastodon.cloud/media/oEPu-DhN4

Wait, follow requests don't show up in notifications?

@gcupc@anticapitalist.party This is a great idea because some stuff on some instances might be regarded as not needing a CW whereas it might on other instances.

@TheAdmin Cool. By the way, is there a reason why Issues are disabled on the github page?

@TheAdmin Hi, your recent changes to the left column made it too small on my 1280x800 screen: mastodon.cloud/media/h7gZRA10L

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