So I found this program to download images off the Google Art Project.. It doesn't work anymore but this particular file is ACTUALLY ARCANE:

Like, it seems like the author transcribed minified javascript into python.. Does it work? Did it ever work? Who knows! I'll try some stuff out later. Holy shit it works!.. This wierd function fixes the 'encrypted' files on the site by removing 4 bogus bytes at the start and end of the file and fixing the huffman table..


@bunnyhero Ok, I'll try and explain what I *think* is going on here.

So for an image like this one:,

1) Javascript requests the 'encrypted' 512x512 tiles of the image,

2) It 'decrypts' them with the js equivalent of this magic function:

3) displays them on the screen from memory with a blob url.

I guess this is done to copy protect the images? Super wierd.

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