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Journal covers from vegan/synthetic leather, engraved with my Snowflake Celtic knotwork design (and a new corner piece I did just for these), saddle stitched by hand (using the stitching pony I made recently).

I made this simple stitching pony for assorted studio work holding tasks. As I frequently do, I put the cut file and notes up at . So, if you want to make one, too, look there. There is also a full build video on my YouTube channel.

Celtic key pattern long box of hard maple inlaid with walnut and flocked interior. I think my second foray into laser-cut wood inlay went pretty well. This is probably not an optimal dice vault but, it looks good with these @norsefoundry turquoise gemstone dice. I’ll likely do a proper dice vault in the future.

The new video and post about how to score both sides of a card (or other paper stock) is up!

Celtic key (or maze) patterns figure prominently in a few past and a bunch of upcoming projects. So, I made a quick video with some basics on how I assemble those as vector art images.

I made a battery ballast pouch for my Quest VR headset out of some “vegan leather.” The pattern, instructions and a build video are at You can also find the build video on my YouTube channel:

Let me know if you make one!

Over on birdsite they're having the cs degree discourse again (thanks to that goog certificate thing). I do have a cs degree. My dad did not. My spouse does not. My current teammates and most of my former teammates from previous job do not. They're all people I'd work with again.

I'm proud of mine because it was a perserverence and fuck-you exercise after getting kicked out, but I sure as fuck don't think it's necessary to work in this enormous field. Aren't there enough gatekeepers already

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