Experimenting w/3D modeling in Blender & Nomad. My primary interest is modeling for physical objects (e.g., 3D printing) but, doing some educational sculpts. This grimoire incorporates a Celtic knot & key pattern. Modeled in Nomad, textured & painted in Procreate. The knot and the key pattern started as SVGs I created in Inkscape, were extruded in Blender and, remeshed in Nomad.

It looks like I didn’t share this here: this dice reliquary design popped into my head and, I thought it would be interesting to work out the details. These are made from laser-cut walnut and maple plywood with copper and silver edging.

Design & fabrication video: youtu.be/jfVv9qegJcI

Argentine giants (Echinopsis candicans) bloom once a year and, the flowers rarely last a day. The fortuitous timing of my Desert Botanical Garden visit on Saturday morning allowed me to get a couple decent shots.

Dice bag I made from the purple velvet I embossed. In addition to the custom-embossed fabric, this has a hand-braided kumihimo drawstring (the lighter thread is glow floss) and 3D resin printed glow-in-the-dark skull beads.

The plate for another velvet embossing project with a new Celtic spirals design. I switched to using a strong adhesive film for gluing up the plate and, it made things a lot easier.

I made a quick hexagonal gift box decorated with one of my Celtic key patterns for a holiday gift.

I put the pattern for the plain box up (as a free download) on the Evermore Studio site, if you want to make one. Link in bio.

Another view of the 180-degree-open pop up snowflakes I did for the 2020 holiday season. More notes on the Evermore Studio site. Short build video on the YouTube channel. Links in bio.

Here are the 180-degree-open pop up snowflakes I did for the 2020 holiday season. More notes on the Evermore Studio site. Short build video on the YouTube channel. Links in profile.

Finally sharing the Bag of Many Projects! Celtic key pattern embossed velvet bag, yellow silk lining, faux/vegan leather bottom engraved with a custom Celtic knotwork ring, kumihimo braided drawstring, custom skull beads. More photos,, project vid on the blog:


I finally got around to making a cover pattern for the larger hardcover journals and, did a couple with a new Viking longship design. Like the other covers, these are vegan/synthetic leather.

Someone made a paper craft reproduction of the “Let Glue Dry” block @laura_kampf uses in the shop. One that folds flat seemed like it would work better for me. Here is the origamic architecture pop up version! You can download the patterns from the EvermoreStud.io site and, make your own!


I whipped up this Arrow of Light plaque + shelf in the studio for a recent recipient. This is layers of laser-cut Baltic birch plywood, wood glue and, finished with birch edge banding. I haven’t done a lot of woodworking but, I think this came out okay. It will be finished by the recipient with an actual arrow and stain.

More photos and free design files on my EvermoreStud.io site.

First draft of trying to make some 3D SLA-printed resin skull beads! After printing, these got a layer of primer, a thin coat of something more bone-colored, a dark brown wash and, a matte poly finish. The hole should be a tiny bit smaller and, my painting needs some work but, I think they look pretty good.


I wrote up and made a video tutorial on custom embossing velvet using one of my Celtic key pattern designs.


Journal covers from vegan/synthetic leather, engraved with my Snowflake Celtic knotwork design (and a new corner piece I did just for these), saddle stitched by hand (using the stitching pony I made recently). This batch was personalized for the recipients. Thor cameo by @bc_craftsman (on IG).


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