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Canopy glowing
A slow dance with the summer
So soon autumn looms.
Such beautiful light under the canopy of this wonderful tree in the Portland Japanese Garden when I visited a few weeks ago. Difficult to capture the magical glow in a photograph.

Wahclella Falls falls is one of the few parts of the Eagle Creek wilderness area in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge to re-open so far after 2017’s 50,000 acre fire. Excited that I got out to see it during my recent trip.

New XOXO origamic architecture / kirigami pop up card in honor of the 2019 XOXO festival. Pattern, instructions and video walkthrough for making one by hand at the EvermoreStud.io site.

Sublime commentary on how our focus for cutting edge technology has changed in the last 50 years.

My new phoenix pop up card! I made a bunch of these. I will have some out at Phoenix Fan Fusion this weekend. If you see me and, want one, hit me up.

Excited to have scored some of Mr. Takaaki Kihara's origamic architecture pop up cards for the PopUpCardShop. Sydney Opera House and Swan are both in stock and shipping! popupcardshop.com/pop-up-cards

Have you ever been making something and, suddenly had an idea for an entirely different thing to do with it? Blackwing graphite pencil rubbing on rice paper of my Snowflake Celtic knotwork mandala design laser-etched in Baltic birch.

Fishhugger acrylic stand-up logo – a quick photo prop for my friends the Fishhuggers. The logo design is based on a petroglyph thought to represent an ancient fisher. This is 3 layers of laser-cut acrylic, welded with acrylic cement and slotted into the base. This took about an hour from start to finish.

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