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I made a video documenting my new workflow for creating 3D models of Celtic knots in Nomad Sculpt on the iPad, creating depth maps from those using Blender and, using those to make 3D carvings on a laser (Glowforge) and desktop CNC machine (Nomad 883). I made some single image stereograms, too, since those also come from depth maps.

Some things have two natures. Or three. Or more. Even stories.

Now, I am not saying a respectable story would go putting on airs like a fancy fur coat. It would just end up thin and threadbare. There’s a bit of alchemy of fashion, though, when you take a bit of the familiar here and, mix it with novel new thoughts there. With the right bit of magic, it can come out svelte and stylish – something to make you proud just to be there to see it.

And, without a doubt, you should be there for this tale. Ms. Valente is a moste excellent guide where things are wild. Take her hand and, don’t dream of sleeping on this newly-minted classic.

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Another ice cream experiment! Green tea coconut milk ice cream sweetened with coconut sugar, chopped fresh bing cherries and 72% dark (coconut sugar sweetened) chocolate pieces. I’m calling it Sakura Garcia.

Food, momento mori / skull imagery. 

La Fée Verte Gelée

Absinthe ice cream with orange shortbread cookies. One of my strange food ideas that came out way better than I could have hoped. Made with coconut milk, coconut sugar, Pacifique Absinthe Verte Superior and Guittard Sante 72% dark chocolate.

The community garden project I have been running for a local organization here in Phoenix is up and running!

Feeding Students USA provides thousands of food insecure families with fresh fruits and vegetables and other supplies throughout the year, using local volunteers and other resources within our communities. Now, they are also growing food.

Ok, that was a long way to go for a joke. So, I cheated and modified a model by “Al Pokemon” from Thingiverse.

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An enchanting bottle filled with perfume? magic? is this week’s 3D sculpting project! Making things translucent is kind of twitchy but, this seems pretty good. I might have to try a 3D print of this at some point.

Experimenting w/3D modeling in Blender & Nomad. My primary interest is modeling for physical objects (e.g., 3D printing) but, doing some educational sculpts. This grimoire incorporates a Celtic knot & key pattern. Modeled in Nomad, textured & painted in Procreate. The knot and the key pattern started as SVGs I created in Inkscape, were extruded in Blender and, remeshed in Nomad.

It looks like I didn’t share this here: this dice reliquary design popped into my head and, I thought it would be interesting to work out the details. These are made from laser-cut walnut and maple plywood with copper and silver edging.

Design & fabrication video:

Argentine giants (Echinopsis candicans) bloom once a year and, the flowers rarely last a day. The fortuitous timing of my Desert Botanical Garden visit on Saturday morning allowed me to get a couple decent shots.

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