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Today I saw... 

Today I saw... 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. 🍾🍷

Lunch was buffet style. Again. 😋 Different place this time. Much better than before. More food variety. More reasonably priced too. 👍

But I really just wanted ... some noodles... cucumber juice... and ... and sushi again... and coffee again... and ... 😋



I tried out an app that will from other . Very basic app. It imported all my contacts and also removed everything from my default Contacts app. The real problem is, the import removed all extra info I had on my contacts and only the name and one phone number was saved per entry, like how they'd be stored on SIM cards.

My contacts are all messed up. 😶 Needless to say that app got 1 star from me. 👎

Now manually re-entering all info... 😖

I really wish wouldn't do things like this. Disgraceful.

And the editors didn't notice?
They actually published this?
Wow. 🙄

This Milky Way Photo on Nat Geo is Raising Eyebrows

Time for a change...

Changing the on my . I hope I don't break anything. 😎🤞

This is tonight's dinner.

I thought I'd be good and have with for dinner. 😇 I also thought I'd claim my free beverage for getting the super long receipt. 😋

And yes, that's a stainless steel in my . 😎

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"Incognito modes are primarily built to block traces of your online activity being left on your computer – not the web," and so provide a false sense of privacy.

@michaelgrothaus suggests another approach of using multiple browsers with tracker blocking.

Original tweet:

Today I learned... :awesome:

In 🇫🇷, you put a space before question marks (?) and before exclamation points (!).

Today I cleaned the on my .
I also cleaned that flippin' mirror
And the lens.
I'm kinda pleased with myself. 😎

Hello, Mastodon. 🙂

Non-techie person asking here. Please pardon my ignorance. I will very much appreciate someone enlightening me...

When you guys talk about self-hosting something like your email or calendar or some other geeky stuff, do you mean doing it only on your own server at home or can it also be done by those who use a paid webhost?

So... This is the new Banana Chocolate Chia Cookie of . Very good. 👍 A whole lot better than their Banana Bread which was no good at all. 😋

Pardon the . It really was round like a . I was hungry and ate half of it before thinking of taking a photo.

I got my priorities, you know. 😉

I drove about 28km x 2.
For what?
Nada. 😶

I drove the distance because I couldn't get a response via phone. The guy I encountered a month ago stopped responding. It's been a over month so I thought surely there's been some progress already. But. No. ☹️

The lady at the second desk was nice and gave me her number so I can contact her directly for follow up.

Thank God for good music 🎼🎶 and a decently comfy vehicle 🚗 for the very long drive. 🙏

And now, to the mall... 😋

I keep telling myself I'm going to start eating , i.e. more and less -contributing . But almost always I end up ordering something like this.

Today's brunch was the Classic Skinless Longganisa meal at one of my favorite restaurants. is (traditionally stuffed in pork intestines for that sausage look). The more modern take is having it as a patty, skipping any sausage casing, like in the photo.

Bummer. Had a this evening. 😵

A not so little car 🚗 versus a very large bus 🚍.

It looked bad. But it wasn't really that* bad. Except for an ugly big dent... Wheel was not damaged, driver's door wasn't affected and the car still runs.

Whew! I still have a car for tomorrow's errands. 🤞😎

10 ways to avoid radiation from your gadgets

Not to be paranoid, but it is good to know and understand these things. ☝️

When you think about it, we are leaving things turned on for little or no benefit and as a result getting a whole lot more radiation than if we were more mindful.

Date & time: Mon, 22 Apr 09:11:11 UTC - 32 minutes ago
Magnitude: 6.0
Depth: 10.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 14.94°N / 120.5°E (Philippines)
Nearest volcano: Natib (27 km)
Primary data source: GFZ

Strong mag. 6.0 - , on Monday, 22 April 2019

So about 20~25 minutes ago there was an in . A sidewayzee and up-and-downy earthquake. Interesting. Lasted for quite a bit. 😶

Strong mag. 6.0 earthquake - Luzon, Philippines on Monday, 22 April 2019

"UV rays get to you spring, summer, fall and winter, UVA ☀️ penetrates windows, and indoor lights 💡 cause melasma and other dark spots. Plus, the damage is cumulative."

Yup. Just as my new dermatologist had warned me. I had other dermatologists before her. Funny how nobody else before warned me about indoor lights causing skin damage. 😶

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