Slowly moving over to

Haven't "moved" my followers from to yet. Pretty sure that's irreversible. Maybe tomorrow. Taking it slow. I will start to actively use after this...

It's good that I have a copy of my and on my own personal . :blobcatpeek: hehe


Dear ,

FYI I've created a new account on :anidab_left: @evelynyap :anidab_right: in case goes poof.

I've been here since August 2018 and I picked it thinking it'd be one of the more stable , but... for the past couple of years it's just been weird.

@TheAdmin was never responsive -- even after the instance changed owners.

And now @pfx predicts may block it -- probably due to @TheAdmin not acting on creepy peeps. 🙄 *sigh*

@PeteMoss Oh, but I thought you could move your Followers to your new account... 🤔 So maybe they didn't export their Followers?

Oh well. Anyway I just went through the two lists and it looks like I got all the people I'm following. Weird. It's just the count that's different.

I tried exporting the list of 83 people I from this account and importing it to a new account ... but only 73 of my followed people got imported. 😕 Tried a second time. Same same. 😶


@pfx is on the main in the list of "committed to active moderation against racism, sexism and transphobia."

Okay, so I have to manually re-follow the people I follow first? I better do that. Because I don't see any info about that. It only talks about Moving Followers.

@pfx That's true. :blobfacepalm: The admins seem non-existent. The instance changed owners twice, I think. So weird.

I actually went looking at the other instances, and just signed up with It only has a few members and the admin seems serious about moderating and keeping things clean. Whatcha think? :awesome:

And I never noticed this before but... I can Move this account to another?? For real? :blobnerd:

Should I do that? Don't want to lose those that I follow. :blobcatpeek:

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This is an old re-toot, slightly edited:

I'm muting 🙊 and blocking 🙈 some tooters. It's my way of weeding out useless stuff to clean up the I see:
❌ bots that toot only nonsense;
❌ accounts that exclusively toot in a language that is totally alien to me;
❌ accounts that mainly toot ;
❌ accounts by hopelessly angry, hyper vulgar, super offensive peeps (many out there are tolerable, but some are just lost causes).

The power is yours. 😉

@pfx Also, I think that as long as you're Following me, you can still see me even if your instance decides to block

Hi @TheAdmin. Is the above correct? Can people following me still see me if in case their instance decides to block the instance I belong to?

Hey there @pfx 🤓 Weirdos can invade any instance. The secret to a nice experience is: , , . ☝

You can also personally Block entire , like Gab. No need to wait for to do it.

As you can see in the screenshots of my Local Timeline it is quite clean.

Every time some weirdo shows up, I block* and report* the account. 😉 Reporting probably doesn't do much because that relies on Moderators working to keep things clean around here. 🙄

@Mandaris Well, I'm glad I made you smile! So I'm not totally useless, eh? :awesome:

I was thinking... Ok, clips... Start watching... Then I saw all the red and then you and then...

Eh? That's it?

And then: Oh!! Did he mean paper clips??! 🤣

Come on, if you say something in plural you gotta do more than 2. Otherwise you should just say "a couple of clips".

😆 Ack!!
When I saw the word "clips"
I expected to see video clips.
Different kind of clips. :asuna_but:

What can I say, I think like a video editor. :anidab_right:

@SamGellman on Twitter tweets:

Despite the most crowded neighbourhoods on earth, an aging population, and early exposure to the virus, Hong Kong has had just four COVID-19 deaths, among the lowest of any major city or country. A post on how this has been achieved.

Short created by collaboration of 250 around the world while in /
based on the poem "Lockdown" by Brother Richard of Ireland. Poem used with his permission.

👏🤓 Bravo!

💡 And I had no idea you could keep avocado so long. Will it not wrinkle in the fridge? 🤔 We've never kept avocados in the fridge.

pandemic • masks 

Thanks @Mandaris 😊🙏
Yeah, and I'm not too keen on teaching 5-year olds anyway. :drake_dislike:

quarantine food 

I didn't get the #job. #employment #work 

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Got on online job interview... happening in about 35 minutes. ⌛

I think I'm ready. :awesome:

Am I? :blobcatpeek:

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