Now considering an Asus ROG (Republic of Gaming) ... 🤔

Intel i7 8759H 2.2GHz
15.6" FHD 144Hz 1920x1080
32GB (after I upgrade the RAM)

I hope I'm right about this. It's going to be a major investment. I better be buying the right one. 🤞

Aww... Sorry to hear that. 🙁

Today on Mastodon I saw a series of toots from an account using a very official-looking logo as the profile photo, each toot having a link to dodgy domain names that have the word . I reported it. But whether the admins do anything about it, I don't know.

Hopefully people here on Mastodon are sharp enough to not click on such links.

Still in search of a suitable laptop...
I might go for an Acer Predator.

I called my old boss Papi and he liked it. Don't know about the Puerto Ricans but, to me, it's a term of endearment that shows mucho respect. ☝️

(Consider yourself beloved and respected.)


Went to the gym. Did better than before. 😀👍 

Went to the gym. Did better than before. 😀👍 

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So am I. It's amazing that not many people here know Ernie enough to love him. :blobidk:

But then, this is Mastodon. :asuna_but: So the furry with the trunk wins. :anidab_right:


Oh my goodness... You ran? From Mandaluyong to Makati and then to BGC?? You're one tough cookie.

🤔 I dunno. I understand encrypting differently. I'm guessing you mean signing it? But...

Still, it seems that we're mostly doomed with these new technologies. Hopefully there'd be an effective way to control or police Deep Fakes so they don't dupe people and cause irreparable damage to anyone's reputation.

Today I noticed the mic meter in showing activity to the rhythm of the podcast playing in the background, on another device. I realized: the on my is probably always* On. (Or maybe it was On because I was viewing Viber's settings??)

Went to .
Disabled it 🤨

If I want to use a mic, I'll just have to plug in my Plantronics . At least this way, I'm aware of when* I've got a live, functioning mic. ☝

Sorry, I'm confused. 😶

What if they say that the Deep Fake is* your Life Cast and then no one believes your actual Life Cast? 🤔

There should be some kind of "indelible ink" on any Deep Fake created so anyone watching can easily see that it's a fake. And any Deep Fake without that mark should be outlawed. :asuna_but:


@mh @poncho524
I've had my Baby-G for about 10 years now. Haven't needed to change the battery nor the strap yet. It's nice having a hardy piece that I don't have to worry or think about. It's been dunked in sea water countless times. 😜👍

(Off-topic, but... I've also partially dunked my DSLR in sea water, and that one was... um... not waterproof. 🙄)

Thanks. Looks like a great product. I'd have to import that though, and who knows what customs will decide to charge for that.

Besides, I'm a Windows kind of gal.

Yeah yeah, I know.

The horror! 😱


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