Today I noticed the mic meter in showing activity to the rhythm of the podcast playing in the background, on another device. I realized: the on my is probably always* On. (Or maybe it was On because I was viewing Viber's settings??)

Went to .
Disabled it 🤨

If I want to use a mic, I'll just have to plug in my Plantronics . At least this way, I'm aware of when* I've got a live, functioning mic. ☝

Mr. Snuffleupagus is leading the ! :anidab_right:

2 days to go, people. May the most adorable character win. :awesome:

As of today, it's a three-way tie between Kermit, Grover and Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Cast your votes, folks! :awesome:

Woh. 😶 I thought I was looking at a typo or glitch. Turns out there are two very unbalanced-looking Chinese characters:

乒 乓

Today I learned that they go together to make the word for Ping Pong a.k.a. table tennis. And suddenly the way they're written makes sense. 🤣

Saw this mini at a store. So it looks like my el cheapo mini keyboard is not the only one missing the Home and End keys. :blobcatpeek:

I do prefer the one I got. It's half the price and has the look and feel of a regular keyboard. :awesome:

I had chicken a la king meal today. Been a long time. I remember it used to be that the chicken and pastry shell were double this amount, and the green salad was half this amount with a nice vinaigrette dressing.

I guess I should thank them for making me eat better by giving me less meat and more greens. 😋 (But they should've kept the vinaigrette dressing instead this mayo-based dressing. ☝️)

The one at Number 1 has 1910 XP.
I'm currently at Number 7 with 935 XP.

😡 What a nut case.

Would love to beat that crazy person.

Yeah, I can be crazier. 🙃

I'll be the craziest!! 🤣

I bought yet another* mini keyboard. 😱 In my defense, every one of my [three] mini is different from the others. This one has regular keys and is wired. 😎

This is the last keyboard I'm buying for my .

I think. 🤔

I hope. 😋

I gave in to cravings. This one's actually good for 2 people. Yeah, I ate it all. 😋 I'm making myself feel better by saying this Spaghetti Al Pomodoro is the wiser choice compared to a big Fried Pork Chop. 😉

This was tonight's . The idea was to eat 🍣 (which I consider healthy eating) instead of what we normally have at home (which is usually some form of fried food). But the sushi place didn't have my usual choice, so I ended up ordering Cordon Bleu Sushi (no kidding, that's the name of it). Turns out it's sushi. Oops. 😋

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. 🍾🍷

Lunch was buffet style. Again. 😋 Different place this time. Much better than before. More food variety. More reasonably priced too. 👍

But I really just wanted ... some noodles... cucumber juice... and ... and sushi again... and coffee again... and ... 😋


This is tonight's dinner.

I thought I'd be good and have with for dinner. 😇 I also thought I'd claim my free beverage for getting the super long receipt. 😋

And yes, that's a stainless steel in my . 😎

So... This is the new Banana Chocolate Chia Cookie of . Very good. 👍 A whole lot better than their Banana Bread which was no good at all. 😋

Pardon the . It really was round like a . I was hungry and ate half of it before thinking of taking a photo.

I got my priorities, you know. 😉

I keep telling myself I'm going to start eating , i.e. more and less -contributing . But almost always I end up ordering something like this.

Today's brunch was the Classic Skinless Longganisa meal at one of my favorite restaurants. is (traditionally stuffed in pork intestines for that sausage look). The more modern take is having it as a patty, skipping any sausage casing, like in the photo.

I had at a budget ramen place yesterday. The was soft scrambled versus a raw yolk, and the wasn't.. um.. Japanese enough. 🙄 Oh well. You get what you pay for. Actually not bad for the price, about USD 3++. 👍

I would've tried their but it's pork, and I've been told I need to eat more red meat. 😎

My doctor said I should eat more red meat...

Is this enough red meat?

'Twas veeeeery yummy. Me belly is very happy. 😋♥️


Got an email from . They accepted a that I suggested. I'm feeling very pleased with myself right now. 😎

So I went to the gym today... 

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