Hmm... What to do... 

Somebody is being strangely sensitive. Group chat was nothing personal. 'Twas about method, then , then practices/policies regarding equipment. I pointed out reasons why things are done a certain way (because I happen to be familiar with it), and she goes "Let's avoid further discussion to avoid conflict".

?? How? πŸ€”

I'm thinking she and I need to have a li'l talk, in person. I may just leave the group. Seriously, I don't need this. πŸ™„

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Hmm... What to do... 

@evelynyap I guess she didn't agree? πŸ˜•

I tend to drift away from those kinds of people/things. Life's too short.

Hmm... What to do... 

Thanks, @Wayves. It's nice that there's someone out in the world wide void responding to my little shouts of nothingness. :blobcatpeek: Appreciate it. :awesome: :drake_like:

Yeah, that's what I feel like doing right now. Fortunately I won't have to see her till next week. So I'm keeping quiet in the chat group now. I got enough issues of my own. Not interested in anyone's drama. 😢

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