Today, clips had no while on . Audio in other apps were fine.

Preferences > Video and Audio I/O > ...
didn't fix anything.

Then I went to Speakers Properties > Spatial sound > Off.
That fixed it. πŸ‘

What I don't understand is that I didn't have this problem before. Did my change without my knowledge? πŸ€”

I don't think is to blame here. Weird. πŸ˜•

I'm thinking this is no good. πŸ™

Why are some on my Desktop and Start Menu blank or generic? The generic icons seem permanent. But the blank ones happened just now. This doesn't happen with the other User (Admin).

Does anyone have answers? I don't know what I could've possibly done to make this happen. :blobnotlike:

@evelynyap See if you can run an update or the like, maybe?

The blank icons look normal now though I did nothing to fix it -- not even Restart. πŸ˜•

The generic icons are still generic though. Been like that a long time already. Since I installed those apps. They never showed the logo icons. Just generic.

(I'm not too eager to do . A recent one caused the copy-and-paste function to go berserk. It wasn't pasting what I copied, instead it was pasting a long C: path to a CrashDump file.)

This is nuts. πŸ™„

@evelynyap Whenever things like that happen to me I just Google around until I find something. There's probably others who have run into the same thing.

Oh I did it. No help. πŸ˜•

And for mind-boggling behavior to which Google holds no answers, I sometimes just resort to running a System . 😢

Anyway, the blank icon anomaly fixed itself. They went back to normal after a while. No fix. No restart. The generic icons are still generic though.

I just hope I haven't made a mistake with my choice/purchase. πŸ™„

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