Wow. This neighborhood is finally affected by the . πŸ™ I asked for hot in a mug in addition to my brewed , and the lady apologetically (while holding up a thermos) says she'll put it in a small mug (normally they'd use a bigger mug) because they don't have a lot of hot water. They can't even serve , the guy says.

Well... It's not totally bad, they do get normal water supply in the evening. :blobidk:

Rain over the dam, please.

@evelynyap We had a month's worth of rain fall yesterday.

That was fun... πŸ›Ά


Oh. Yeah.
Make me jealous, will you? 😐

Well it rained for a few minutes this afternoon. It's not going to fill the dam, but I had a short walk in the rain and the car got a little quick rinse. πŸ˜‹

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