This is an old re-toot, slightly edited:

I'm muting πŸ™Š and blocking πŸ™ˆ some tooters. It's my way of weeding out useless stuff to clean up the I see:
❌ bots that toot only nonsense;
❌ accounts that exclusively toot in a language that is totally alien to me;
❌ accounts that mainly toot ;
❌ accounts by hopelessly angry, hyper vulgar, super offensive peeps (many out there are tolerable, but some are just lost causes).

The power is yours. πŸ˜‰

@evelynyap I haven't blocked anyone yet but there certainly are several good candidates for it.

I have to agree the ones described on your list are pretty annoying. πŸ˜ƒ

Oh yeah, I also block businesses that are based in other countries. No point in me seeing their toots/ads. No point in them taking up space in the timelines I see. :blobcatpeek:

you can filter out languages by going to Settings -> Preferences -> Other -> Filter languages

The language one is tough for me - I want to be inclusive and diverse and ... dang it, I just don't see words there :-(

Having failed to learn the Greek alphabet recently I think my odds of a non-Latin script are pretty low.

Have you tried ?

I do like trying to read/understand some words in toots that are written in other like , and . Maybe even . But some languages are just totally alien to me. Zero benefit.

can be fun when you're in Russia. It's fun for me to see how they spell McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway, sushi, etc. I'm like a Sesame Street character going S-t-a-r-b-a-k-s. :awesome: Yeah, I'm silly. :blobcatpeek:

For years - latinate languages are okay. The overhead to learn a new alphabet/chat set stalls me out though.

I loved seeing Greek and puzzling out sounds. But it was a bridge too far for that experience. Script/picture languages (not sure what the correct word is) leave me baffled. Something wrong with my eyes or brain or something :-)

Fluent Forever is a great book / app by the way.

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