Hello, Mastodon. :mastodon:

What do you use the Favorite ⭐ thingy for?

I mark a toot with Favorite ⭐...


Technically its for bookmarking but everyone Use it everywhere as to showcase that they are being nice to you. Kind of thing more of being social with one another, I guess

Yeah, I thought so too @inditoot πŸ€” But only a few of survey respondents use it that way.

@Gargron Will there be a separate Like button in the future?

Would be nice to be able to toots (to be able to quickly acknowledge that I've seen someone's toots) and still have a way to ⭐ or a few special, noteworthy toots. :blobcatpeek:

Maybe a ❀️ button instead? (Since Like πŸ‘ is already very much associated with FB). Spreading love is good thing me thinks. :blobheartcat:

@evelynyap @Gargron

Well, it maybe because of Poll πŸ™„ For normal interaction I seen people Favorite even DM toots.

And as per Bookmark, I use glitch fork which already has that feature, I don't think gargron will ever going to add it.

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