Woh. 😶 I thought I was looking at a typo or glitch. Turns out there are two very unbalanced-looking Chinese characters:

乒 乓

Today I learned that they go together to make the word for Ping Pong a.k.a. table tennis. And suddenly the way they're written makes sense. 🤣

Hey, I have a question. How would you ask for a phone number in ?

Do you say...
... 电话号码是多少?

Or do you say...
... 电话号码是什么?

@evelynyap Both are ok. I learned it as

... 电话号码是多少?

Ok. Thanks. 👍

That's what teaches too, but it seems so weird because it's like asking for an amount rather than a set of numbers. :asuna_but:

Oh well :awesome:

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