It just occurred to me: I should put my USD and GBP cash in the .

They've just been sitting in my travel wallets, inside my travel backpack, at home. (Yeah, I got stuff designated for .) I haven't done any traveling in over a year. And it doesn't look like I'll be doing any traveling soon. *sigh* 🙁

So I must do the smart thing: deposit the USD and exchange the GBP. If those countries change their bills, the old cash become useless. ☝️

So weird. How is it that I can't find any at two different stores, in two different malls? Plenty of duct tape, masking tape, packaging tape, double-sided tape, etc... but no gaffers tape?? I asked a guy that worked there and he didn't know what it was. Come on now. Really? Even I* know what gaffers tape is. 🙄

She'd stopped using it a few years now, but kept it in good condition. 👌 She lost the grey & though. 🙄 I didn't want to buy another (it's different from the ). Luckily my old MB-D80 Multi-power Battery Pack has an AA 6-pc battery holder, so I went & got some more batteries and... my is alive!! 😀

Only problem is I can't unscrew the . Apparently somebody didn't put it back on perfectly & now it's stuck... and dirty inside. 😣

About 7 years ago my niece wanted a of her own. They asked for my opinion & I didn't want them paying for a brand new low-end (like a D3100) thinking my niece might lose interest & ditch the hobby. So I gave her my then already 5-year old , & said "if you don't want it anymore, don't trash it, give it back to me". I bought myself a . Eventually her father got her a simple mirrorless camera. This week I thought I'd keep a & got my D80 back.

I had a nice big (buffet) with the family. I ate so much. It's time now and I'm still not hungry. :awesome:

Hmm... What to do... 

#health #iron #pain 

Trying out a new place -- Coffee Project -- (even if there's a store right next door). I looked it up in before leaving home and saw photos of the lovely decor. I had to come. ☕

As is normal with me, I started eating before I thought about taking a . 😋

Banana chocolate loaf ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cappuccino ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ambiance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Later this evening I'll be doing more photos than eating. 🎉🍻

When the pain is too much and you feel like quitting...
Hang in there.
Storms don't rage forever.

I'm beginning to think I'm in the wrong instance...

Admin change. Again.

In today's paper... #ThePhilippineStar pp1-2 

Pacquiao won! 😀 No, I didn't watch the match - it's just not my thing. Hence the late post. 

I'm thinking this is no good. 🙁

Why are some on my Desktop and Start Menu blank or generic? The generic icons seem permanent. But the blank ones happened just now. This doesn't happen with the other User (Admin).

Does anyone have answers? I don't know what I could've possibly done to make this happen. :blobnotlike:

Today, clips had no while on . Audio in other apps were fine.

Preferences > Video and Audio I/O > ...
didn't fix anything.

Then I went to Speakers Properties > Spatial sound > Off.
That fixed it. 👍

What I don't understand is that I didn't have this problem before. Did my change without my knowledge? 🤔

I don't think is to blame here. Weird. 😕

I hate this.

When I try to copy-and-paste,
instead is pasting what I copied,
Windows is pasting a very long

Blame . :blobangery:

Today I learned...

If I do Export in and have Image Viewer also running or open, I get a
Some Export Operations Were Not Performed

Gee, Lightroom, what a jealous and vengeful thing you are. :blobjudge:

Rain!! :blobcheer: 

Went to the gym. Hmm... 😶 

Wow. This neighborhood is finally affected by the . 🙁 I asked for hot in a mug in addition to my brewed , and the lady apologetically (while holding up a thermos) says she'll put it in a small mug (normally they'd use a bigger mug) because they don't have a lot of hot water. They can't even serve , the guy says.

Well... It's not totally bad, they do get normal water supply in the evening. :blobidk:

Rain over the dam, please.

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