Okay, I really must sleep now. :blobnomouth:
Goodnight, Mastodon. 🌌


🎼 Showers wash all my cares away
I wake up to a sunny day
Coz I love a rainy night 🎡


🎢 I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
As it lights up the sky 🎡


If you see someone on mastodon.social using a cross-poster from Twitter and never actually posting/responding here, please report them. I think that can be reasonably considered spam.

That was interesting but... you know what I really want to be foretold about? When & what my next job would be. 😢 *sigh*

I got sleepy & napped around 20:30-ish, dozing in & out, with dreams in between. Last dreamt had me driving my Ma somewhere, late at night, but the destination wasn't clear, so I asked her. No reply. I asked twice more. Right after that (22:11 in waking life) my app that reads incoming messages read a message from my brother saying to fetch my Ma at her friends' at 4AM.

Interesting. Second time that I dreamt of somebody that is the subject of interest as soon as I wake. 😢

Evolution is pretty much just bugs turning into features. #Showerthoughts

Winters in #Cappadocia (#Turkey) πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·πŸŽˆ . I visited this wonderful place in the summer, but I did not suspect that it is so fabulous and amazing in the #winter... ❄️ ❄️ #snow #travel

The world is doomed:
even people in tech have bad hygiene. 😱

Geekette who lives & breathes told me she apparently got a virus on her , hence the strange Skype message [that she didn't send me].

Computer Science grad's Skype account rang me without her knowledge. Admitted to being unsure if is on. She & her techie hubby don't use a manager.

Programmer in banking industry has daughter & her friends each others' phones with .

Did get or something? Days ago I got a with nothing but a goo.gl URL with my Skype username embedded within the URL -- my ContactA thinks a virus caused it. Then yesterday I got a group , which later my ContactB said she never made. πŸ€”

Looks like somebody's creating multiple accounts and flooding the timeline with blue IE emojis. πŸ™„

Some people apparently have nothing better to do with their lives. Instead of using their knowledge and talents for good..... *deep sigh*

friends, the Mastodon instance humblr.social has been set to "silenced" with media rejecting. What this means is that you can still follow people on humblr.social and they can interact with us as normal, but humblr.social posts will no longer show up in the federated timeline, nor will its media be cached on queer.party. This was done as some posts from there are NSFW and aren't tagged as such.

Now home. Tired. But can't go to sleep yet. I want to return a Skype call I missed this morning... But it's still too early on their side of the planet. ⏰

Feeling rather anxious. I hope everything's alright. 🀞

This afternoon I dropped off my shoebox of goodies at WV. It'll be traveling a great distance and hopefully bring cheer to a little gal... :blobheartcat:

Please use your best judgement when posting NSFW content.

As a kid, swearing was considered adult language. As an adult, it's considered immature #Showerthoughts

An old friend rang me up on Skype earlier but I didn't get to pick up. Will call her back later -- it's bedtime now on their side of the planet. Oddly, I had dreamt of her just before I woke up today. We were standing next to a carousel & she said she was waiting to grab her grandfather's -- which I retrieved for her. πŸ€”

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