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Mis para 2020 son
hacer 100 ,
tomar más ,
trabajar en de ,
construir mi y
mejorar mi . 😊🙏

My for 2020 are to
make ,
take more ,
in ,
build my and
improve my .

And now, the long overdue:

Designated Errand Girl

I went out Wednesday for the first time since our started. People talk about how they'd get to the supermarket, queue as early as 8 or 9AM, and get home late in the afternoon because just waiting to get in took hours.

I guess they live in places with plenty of panicky people. 🤔

I left home 8:30-ish and got back in time for lunch. :awesome:

Don't laugh. 😶 #plantcare #quarantine #stayhome 

19 encouraging developments in the coronavirus crisis
- MaRS Discovery District

Well, this doesn't inspire confidence in the way things are being done.

This who's a friend of tested positive for in , after being told by 2 doctors in the that he didn't have the .

And he traveled from the US, with a stopover, then on to South Africa. He seemed fine when he tested positive, save for the loss of smell and taste.

His very thorough account of what he went through in almost a month's time:

Gotta love . :blobheartcat:

So many kind people generous with their time, tips, expertise... or even just reactions and comments. :drake_like:

Thanks to all who took the time to enlighten me and educate me about . Truly appreciate it. 🙏

My has become like my little . Can't keep a four-legged furry, unfortunately. Would love a large doggie. But that'd be an even bigger responsibility. Will stick with this little for now. :hehehe:

I think my #jadeplant is about to die on me. Really. Soon. 

#plants #jadeplant #moneytree #plantcare 

☝️ People take so lightly, even participating in it by passing it on, and not even feeling sorry when they later learn it's not true and that they've been helping spread lies.

New HBO film highlights the human cost of 'fake news' - CNN Video

For true/correct information straight from the horse's mouth...👍 #Philippines #DepartmentOfHealth #news #updates #ncov #covid19 on #Viber 

Photo from a few days ago. People were going about like there wasn't anything wrong in the world. I hope now people will have the sense to cooperate with the authorities and help "flatten the curve". Even if we don't think we're vulnerable, we could be carriers and we wouldn't know it. You can take it lightly, but the consequences will by no means be trivial. Think of the greater good. The world is bigger than you.

Not bad. :awesome:

I started my day at noon with 78% on my and used it to for about 3.5 hours straight with the turned on and turned on.

After that it was down to only 46%. 👍

Then I hung out at a café with data turned on and browsed/read on my phone about an hour a half.

says that I was on my phone for 8 hours today. (I know, it's embarrassing.)

It's midnight now and it's still good at 22%. 👍

I need to do this...

5 to prevent or alleviate 🖐️

Disclaimer: I don't know this guy and am not related to or affiliated with him or his channel in any way.

Just saying. We're not all related. 😜

CRAPPY VIDEO #017 - FIELD TRIP to La Mesa Ecopark

Very pleased with this one. :blobheartcat: 😊🙏 And very pleased to say I stopped using the crappy on my old Sony phone. 😜

Ain't it funny that the camera on a phone is bad? 😝

Filmed with my el cheapo as for the driving shots AND my new and reasonably-priced . Yay! 😎👍


Goodness. I leave my in the car for 3 days with no water and already it's super wrinkled. 😱

Aren't supposed to be able to survive dry conditions? 🤔

Yeah yeah, I gave it some water today. 🙄 Little by little, three times. I didn't do too much in one go because I'm worried about the dreaded root rot that everyone's talking about.

Probably my crappiest by far.
Also the shortest by far.
Only 49 seconds long.
Yeah, I'd hate to make anyone suffer longer.

But I did say I had to make this year with no regard to perfection.

I'm still behind though.
Need 5 more before the end of this week if I want to stay on track making 2 videos per week. :blobnotlike:


Today's meetup had 5 new members. A 55-year old lady got a little overwhelmed even though we got the beginner level people together, separate from the advanced and intermediate level Spanish speakers.

She got really stressed and exasperated. 😱 We managed to assure her and encourage her. I think we'll be seeing her again next meetup. 😉👍

It's the end of the week and I haven't done any videos. 😱 I'm now 3 behind... :blob_cry:

I wish would work on Hermit Lite (browser) app.

Pretty please? :blobcatpeek:

I use Hermit because I don't have a lot of space on my poor old phone. It's what I use instead of downloading apps like Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Saves a lot of space.

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