Dear & , if you rely on for /exposure/traffic, this is what interested people might find after clicking your URL from a . And your interested would-be visitor becomes uninterested, and never visits, and never finds out what you are about.

Hoy hice una pequeña presentación sobre Mastodon en nuestro ... en ! :awesome:

Leí mi presentación. :blobcatpeek: Fue compuesto con la ayuda de . Oye, todavía estoy aprendiendo, ¿de acuerdo?

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Astonishing!! 😱

I guess Groups is still a thing, eh? 🤔

I reeeeeally find that hard to believe. 🙄

I was scheduled for a job interview (via a Zoom call) and they cancelled (via email) 15 minutes before the appointment time.



I should've checked my email 14 minutes (or less) before the appointment.



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"If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present"

-- Lao Tzu

The writing on the wall:

"Dear people who don't drink coffee,
... How???"

"Change the world.
Start with coffee."

"Coffee is always a good idea." ☕


Life is short. Surround yourself with good people and only drink good coffee. ☕


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What I did today...

Attended a .

Pretty good. 👍 Glad I went. :awesome:

Still don't know if I want to get into food photography though. Quite happy just taking of my own food with my phone's . 😋

Today, for some reason, on my laptop keeps closing abruptly. I only get about a minute of browsing and then it closes. I thought it was the website I was visiting having some fancy features that made it close.

Nope. 😒

Back to using . 😶

I had set Google Keep to remind me of something at 10:00. It reminds me 13:00.

Not cool, .
NOT cool!! :blobangery:

Finished my first [volunteer] work. Quite pleased with myself. :awesome:

Mission accomplished! :anidab_right:

Failure is better than regret.
I kinda agree.

I'd rather not fail, of course.

Traffic today was kinda horrific.
But I'd say it was a good day.

:anidab_left: I wasn't late for my meeting.
:anidab_left: Nice and encouraging conversation with old schoolmate while waiting for latecomers.
:anidab_left: Meeting was regarding a corporate event I'll be shooting in a couple of weeks.
:blobcatpeek: It'll be my first local, land-based gig. 🙏

Today is going well so far.

Had a lovely with old schoolmates.

Remembered that I'm entitled to a free , and claimed it.

And... A pleasant little surprise:
I received a through .io.

Yes, I'll take it.
Thank you very much. :awesome:

Updating my website a good bit. Getting ready to get into serious work...

I splurged on coffee today. It was worth the money. :awesome:

Starbucks Reserve
Classic affogato doppio 👌

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