"UV rays get to you spring, summer, fall and winter, UVA ☀️ penetrates windows, and indoor lights 💡 cause melasma and other dark spots. Plus, the damage is cumulative."

Yup. Just as my new dermatologist had warned me. I had other dermatologists before her. Funny how nobody else before warned me about indoor lights causing skin damage. 😶

My doctor said I should eat more red meat...

Is this enough red meat?

'Twas veeeeery yummy. Me belly is very happy. 😋♥️


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In the US they are looking for "solutions" that opens encrypted data to law enforcement. A Backdoor for the "good guys" only is impossible. Encryption must remain strong and unbreakable, here's why: tutanota.com/blog/posts/why-a-

I understand that forgiving & forgetting is not easy, that bad people should be liable & pay for their crimes.

But to be hostile & to reject the dictator's daughter, who was just a little child at the time & had nothing to do with his crimes...

Aren't you now being the bad one? Just ignore her & don't make a fuss. 🙄

The university president had to issue an apology for her presence?? Wow. 😶 The event wasn't even about . It's about ! 😡

>4 decades ago: Dictator called for martial law; had many killed; robbed the nation. 😱

>3 decades ago: Dictator was exiled. 👍

Up until today: People feel soooo much hatred and anger. 😶

This week's news: University apologizes over the now-dead Dictator's daughter's presence at their art event. She was invited. ☝️ Her presence supposedly "hurt" the dead Dictator's martial law victims. The news didn't mention whether the very elderly (or dead) victims were even present at the event. 🤔

Thanks to the unusually hot and my flare-ups I'm back to using bland products and will now be restricted to special (i.e. expensive) brands.

It wouldn't be so terrible if I already had a and some income. 😶

On the bright side, I found a new who gave me just the stuff and info that I need without trying to oversell to me. 😀👍

New found in the 🚶🏃🕴️🕺

A new species of Homo from the Late Pleistocene of the Philippines


"These specimens display a combination of primitive and derived morphological features that is different from ... other species in the genus Homo (including Homo floresiensis and Homo sapiens) and warrants their attribution to a new species, which we name Homo luzonensis."

Today I learned...

You shouldn't take for more than 6 months. 😶 That's what one told me today.

Nobody ever told me that before. 🤔

I also learned that I may have been incorrectly (?) diagnosed by other . 😶

Getting some new blood tests done tomorrow...

Got an email from . They accepted a that I suggested. I'm feeling very pleased with myself right now. 😎

Just got an email saying that HealthVault is going away in November. *sigh* 🙄

I don't get it. 😶

I try browsing on my phone with and the and several websites just aren't viewable or won't load at all. Sometimes a webpage will successfully show in LastPass but not in Chrome. I expect Chrome to be the better browser. 🙄

Got fed up and downloaded Lite. And it successfully showed the webpages that Chrome couldn't. 😱

Flavorful Origins
S1: E13 "Beef Meatballs"

Now I know how those are made. I did wonder about it sometimes, why they look the way they look, but never researched it.

That's a lot of pounding! 😃

So I went to the gym today... Show more

Wow. Another of . Y'know. The kind that goes & brings shame to you & your loved ones. He was considered respectable. But now? *sigh*

☝️ People's lives aren't anyone else's business.
☝️ Tempted to act naughty? Don't assume the other person is your friend* & won't sell you out.
❗ If it's on or on a , no matter how well you safeguard your , it is* viewable & shareable.

Boys & girls, be sensible. Please. 🙄

Finally watched the movie . The story, the style of filming, the actors. Not bad. Not bad at all. 😀👍

I feel like mentioning or making a note of decent movies I've seen, because I've seen a good number that were just a waste of money. 🙄 The same with restaurants. I hate it when my experience as a consumer is... "I paid for THIS??!!"

But this one was . 👍

Our consolation in all this: pleasant staff, plenty of seats, comfy in the mall. 😎


So I'm at MARINA for my appointment to renew my seaman's book. Security guy says they're having technical difficulties. Since morning. I thought he meant there was a in the online appointment system because he had people write their names on sheets of paper arranged by appointment times. Nope. It's the actual system that staff need to access our records. Nothing's working.

And the IT people just arrived. 🤞

😱 🦆

Mukhang nasayang 'yung binayad ko para sa . March 8-13 daw ang pickup. March 13 na, pero wala pa rin. Tatawag daw sila pag meron na.

Bad trip.

Pero, at least, nag-effort sila na sila na lang daw ang tatawag.

Kelan kaya? 🤔


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