Back home after surgery. So far no regrets whatsoever to bid my uterus goodbye... :) There's not even a lot of pain - here's to hoping it'll continue like this!

Lovely afternoon in the sauna. Usually I go quite regularly in winter, but this year I got the gym membership instead. Wanted to go at least once before the op, though, and it was wonderful!

Over the course of the past couple of months I’ve become more aware of the privacy issues of the modern internet. I’m not paranoid, but I’m also not a fan of big corporations tracking me and trying to sell me stuff.

Back in the day, I left Hotmail and signed up for Gmail...

@Angeles I suspected something like this. Thanks for the reply!

Potential gross-out, sinus infection 

@lj_writes oh boy - parents are hardcore! (says the childless one...)
this is @shirasade btw - i figured i might as well set up a rl twitter alternative here. (i'm

question: I tried to use to find bird site friends, but I keep getting an error message when trying to authorize it for (the Mastodon authorization worked fine). Is it broken or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Mastodon! 👋 Trying to get away from the big corporations this year, so I left Gmail and am now trying this instead of the bird site (where I'm not really active anyway). Just turned 38, I'm Swiss 🇨🇭, female, ace 🌈 and spend waaay too much time online, watching tv shows and dreaming of going back to New Zealand 🇳🇿. We'll see how this goes. 😆

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