Hi Mastodon! 👋 Trying to get away from the big corporations this year, so I left Gmail and am now trying this instead of the bird site (where I'm not really active anyway). Just turned 38, I'm Swiss 🇨🇭, female, ace 🌈 and spend waaay too much time online, watching tv shows and dreaming of going back to New Zealand 🇳🇿. We'll see how this goes. 😆

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@evamaria welcome :) I hear you on getting away from the corps. I left FB and got on MeWe and also here. Still trying to find an ideal Gmail alternative that suits ALL of my needs. They kinda have a handle on all the things LOL. I watch a lot of media as well, mostly foreign stuff (for me is outside of the U.S.). What kind of shows are your faves?

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