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Odd. They use mastodonadvertising.com – spelling advertising with an "s" – as their web address, but spell it with a "z" in email. mastodonadvertizing.com seems to still be available.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things On The Internet: A Visual Essay In One Browser Screenshot: May 14, 2017 mastodon.social/media/hkjth7Bz

Okay, Mashable is out of my news list. Mashable has gone too far with their ads on their website. Full page overlays ads. Auto playing video you can't shut down. I try not to run Ad blockers, but your site is the reason people do. Bye Mashable.

Sent you a connection invite on LinkedIn. BTW, I actually worked in Sydney for almost 6 months in 2011.

Aww, thanks. Wasn't fishing for a thank you – just joking about NPR-style adver… um… support messages. 😜

Fred: β€œDo you know if a Jaz drive can hold a Zip disk?”
Carrie: β€œI would say no.”

– Portlandia, β€œGoing Gray” S06E02

Srsly, I have some old stuff I know I'll never use. SCSI cables. DVD-RAM discs. A wire rack stacked with old bubble iMacs. Why.


If even 0.1% of scientists sign on to this, it's "open to debate". Then you begin funding some public policy movement towards holding Australia responsible for the international height deficit.

@cypnk I think you're getting there. Space key could be smaller to allow for more modifier keys. And why not have just one character key, and everything else be modifiers? 😜

Yeah, and what about "micro pharma" and "soft pharma" and "local, free-range pharma"?
What about "Iron Pharma"?

@mus HBO's Silicon show script thought: coding pro only talking - and coding - lipogramatically.

I hope you all see why I wanted admin communication tools built into Mastodon, just so you know.

Literally do not have time, patience, or care, nor do other admins, to look after Discord, TeamSpeak (really?), Matrix/IRC, admins.town and the millions of other protocols I'm sure y'all wanna use. Tie it together or I might fuckin quit. Like literally.

I discourage admins from bikeshedding and balkanising based on favourites and going with what works.

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