Couldn’t think of anything interesting to do for lunch so chugging some bloat st Whole Foods

I reckon that rolls off the tongue pretty easily. Compare/contrast with WhatsApp.

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Everybody keeps. on. Talking about it. Nobody’s. Getting. It. Done.

If my house was a country, its national dish would probably be cheddar quesadillas.

🎶 I’m a finch, I’m a sparrow
I’m a crow, eatin’ marrow
I’m an emu, I’m a swan
I will not be for long
I’m a budgerigar
Canary in a jar
And you wouldn’t want it
Any other way

I am looking forward to moving some of my here. Don’t worry, they are not awful. Most do wordplay and generate random nonsense in perfect English.

I hope there’s a way to filter by language here.

Hey so you know how dead people don't know they're dead, are incapable of it? Same goes for stupid people. Look up the Dunning-Krueger Effect. It's a real thing.

Huh. All my old posts disappeared. Bummer. Some if them weren't entirely terrible.

Thank baby cheeses there's language filters here now. Love y'all in Japan but I can't read ya. Sorry!

Go listen to the new Slowdive album, it's beautiful and amazing.

I'd love to be able to say to my camera: "I want the depth of field to be 5m deep, centred 15m away, go figure out the exposure time for me."

I have now dug a total of 5 ditches around my house to try to mitigate flooding. So that's fun.

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