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LPT: Don't call something you're working on "revolutionary". If it really is, someone else will notice

Sometimes I wonder if Electron (it's ease of use + horrible memory resource issues) is really just a ploy to drive users to running apps in browser tabs, all to benefit ChromeBooks and ChromeOS.

I vastly prefer an e-reader to a physical book, but I really wish Amazon could find a way to make a Kindle smell like a bookstore.

@ocdtrekkie not ideal, but I'm guessing that blocking on the network/DNS level would still be effective? ie pi-hole.net

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If you use Chrome, Google can use a network protocol for tracking and ad delivery that can't be seen or blocked by extensions. TL;DR: You really shouldn't use a web browser made by an ad company.

"AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and other extensions cannot block QUIC requests. Recommended best practice is to disable QUIC from the chrome://flags/ URL."


Making small narwhal cakes for my daughter's birthday today.

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Selling eyeballs is far more profitable than selling brains

There's something about mindfulness & medication apps embedding ads that causes me to question their ability to make an effective app.

In either situation I suppose it boils down to what I believe are altruistic benefits vs. my distrust for the cultural systems that exploit that for personal gain.

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I'm also completely torn between wanting complete privacy and believing that aggregating people's data can contribute to societal good.

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I'm constantly torn between wanting open source and wanting a fair a sustainable wage for developers dedicating their time. these don't need to be mutually exclusive, but pragmatically most of the time they are.

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It should be a rule that if you're going to put your kid on a leash, you can't be mad if someone walks up, asks if they bite, and pets them.

@Gangrif speaking of .... Lego Batman is at the Roxy tonight 😀

@NthTensor I can see it being not guaranteed, but sending a delete request to all instances is no different ...

hmm. so when you accidentally boost something, then unboost it, it still remains in your home feed as if you still boosted it?

@Gangrif I previously had listened to Master of Puppets when she told me it was the same band that Batman was singing from The Lego Movie ("Darkness ... No parents")

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