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Listening to GnR Lies with my 7th grader, the album I listened to in 7th grade and hid from my parents.

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@edvorg that is definitely a start. I'll take a look - thanks for the tip!

I really need some filtering features for the main timelines.

@Gangrif easy/tricky? Flashing it with anything or just unlocking it?

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Rember, catering to businesses/celebrities is a mistake.
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Every time I log on, I end up singing or humming the song Mr.Mastodon Farm to myself. I feel like its the unofficial theme song of Mastodon to me.

For your listening pleasure:

Thinking of a parental version/instance of Mastodon, still allow for federation but a bit more controlled, default toots to local only, stuff like that. Could be a great way to safely teach kids and open things up gradually as they become more capable and aware.

@dredmorbius this raises an interesting question: does the delete function truly delete? Do delete actions propagate to federated instances?

@bottitytto And is quite representative of the real world. How many cities have people in them with your same name?

@joedakroub Device support is much more limited (only Nexus 5X and 6P) but it's basically like flashing CyanogenMod (now LineageOS) as well. It's very similar to stock Android, except for more secure, and doesn't have Google tracking software. That does mean some apps don't work right if they require the Google specific things (but I run 100% open source on it). It's all Android Nougat under the hood!

@joedakroub It's still Android (but that is nice from an adoption standpoint) ... I've been happily using CopperheadOS:

What is the backend storage model for this? Are non-public messages encrypted at rest?

I'd love the ability to add other communities' timelines to my account.

@bethgrangersays I made this Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower soup: - It was pretty good, though I'd suggest adding some parmesian (that helped to mellow out the bitterness)

@bethgrangersays I haven't decided yet, hoping to make the plan this afternoon. I usually get ideas from - how about you, any recommendations to try?

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