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Mastodon Bechdel test: Does your instance have:
- A non-bot talking to
- Another human about
- Something other than Mastodon?

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Okay, now that a few friends-of have been notified, please help boost so folks who weren't able to get on and other free speech Masto instances before they hit capacity know that the awesome is now open. :D

Saturday mornings are great for playing with your while waiting for your to finish.

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@HedgeMage @ennenine Biometrics: userids, not passwords.

I'm increasingly inclined toward some sort of worn, replaceable, identifier. A signet ring with a very-near-field chip which could be held to an ID sensor on devices and specifically triggered. Or something operating similarly. "Something you have", replaceable, a specific interaction. Not generally readable from a distance.

@HedgeMage @cc probably all about choice, there are needs for both (central and distributed). I'm hoping to play with some ideas later today.

@HedgeMage absolutely, that's a great way to do it! Sometimes just docs or videos can help establish patterns, and the ability to help even broader? I love it!

@HedgeMage how can I participate and help? My vantage point was on usability. I hadn't thought of safeguards yet, but that is important too!

... and think of the opportunities for Mastodon app developers to create experiences to manage your involvement in various communities. There's a Meta-Mastodon area to explore, too. Metadon?

I'm encouraged by the number of thoughtful toots about how to grow Mastodon in healthy ways, and how that's made possible by open source. Empowering!

@A1 Perhaps an opportunity to integrate with

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I think the only thing that worries me about Mastodon at the moment is people impersonating others by using same handle on a different instance. Anyone have any innovative ideas on how to work around this? Is it fair to give everyone first dibs on their handle across instances? Is that even practical?

ID Management is no small thing. Are there discussions somewhere in the larger Mastodon (or GNU Social) project on how to evolve this?

Choosing a Mastodon server is currently based on availability. Will it it someday reflect a portion of your identity?

"I am this person who has chosen this Mastodon community."

People are complex, how can you have multiple connected identifiable communities? Lots of cool discussion to be had ...

Curious how this will evolve. It seems we're all treating Mastodon like a centralized Twitter, just using decentralized generic nodes to access it. Maybe community-specific nodes should be more prevalent? That lends more meaning to the local vs global streams, and aligns with the fact your global username includes your local node as identifying and meaningful information.

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@Berthavlix its quite intriguing, though yes ... there's a lot going on in it :) how about yourself? what are you currently reading?

@imchrisandrews I do all headless, server-style things with my Pis, not really desktop replacements. it could be your micro SD card though. cheaper or slower ones would have a sizeable impact. this is an old post, but illustrates the difference just the card can have:

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