I love how communities find ways to organize themselves. On Mastadon it seems to be the hashtag. Here are mine:



@ennenine Wow! I had to look up the book, and it sounds staggeringly complex. Once I read a book that was so hard for me that I kept notes and a dictionary by my side during it, but this must beat that one for density. How do you like it?

@Berthavlix its quite intriguing, though yes ... there's a lot going on in it :) how about yourself? what are you currently reading?

@ennenine I recently started US Grant's memoirs. I normally don't read autobiographies or books about war, but his refreshing style is pulling me along like a river current.

@bethgrangersays I haven't decided yet, hoping to make the plan this afternoon. I usually get ideas from - how about you, any recommendations to try?

@ennenine I find things on Facebook, epicurious, Pinterest, and by googling.

@bethgrangersays I made this Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower soup: - It was pretty good, though I'd suggest adding some parmesian (that helped to mellow out the bitterness)

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