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Yes. #videoGames should notice that you haven’t played in a few months and have a custom tutorial to remind you what the controls are.

Decided to look at network stats again. There are 1M more people using #Mastodon today than there were on October 27.

Rider-only rides now available to the public in downtown Phoenix! Great job, team!

I knew when I moved to Georgia my vote would be more impactful but this is getting ridiculous. 😂

Did you see “Hey, GitHub!” this morning at #githubuniverse?

GitHub Next made that, and I can attest to it being pretty fucking mind-blowing to use.

Someone in a group called Twitter “$8chan” 🤣

Hello! Well, I’m getting lots of calls from media outlets around the world re #TwitterMigration. Elon’s very upset with me because he thinks I stole his identity on Twitter but my handle always said @kathygriffin. I changed my nickname to Elon musk, and I changed my profile picture to his profile picture. I wasn’t the first or last to do it, but account was the one he saw.
Lots of Musk cult bros are lashing out! Snowflakes! 😂

Mastodon is cool. I might set up my own server eventually but I'm here for now. Hi everyone! 😄

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