It’s good to see engagement and use growing here. It would be healthy to have a social platform free of the billionaire oligopoly and the corporate ad folks, don’t you think?

There were two notable moderation incidents on and in the past 24 hours that I would like to address. In the first, a post was wrongfully removed due to a report claiming it contained a dogwhistle, and in the second, a person was wrongfully suspended due to a report claiming it's an impersonator. Both were undone and apologies issued.

Since being on mastodon, as I slowly move out of the bird app, I have found that I’m missing the #indigenous and #Navajo community that made it difficult for me to decide to leave Twitter.

Absolutely mastodon has a more positive and welcoming environment here, which I’m loving. But Im in search of #indigenous and other #bipoc accounts.

An unofficial version of Eye of the Beholder has been released on the #C64.

It's nothing short of astounding. It's got mouse support and an automap which wasn't even in the original game. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Meta, racism 

There should be more Black instances. And the people in the Fediverse who have problems with content from Black instances should be promptly blocked/muted/ignored. We should stop expecting services that other (non-Black) people have created to treat us like we deserve to be treated, because it's already been proven that it doesn't work like that.

The first black child ever allowed to attend a white school is only 68 years old now.
White parents pulled their children from school. White teachers refused to teach her.
Ruby Bridges now works as an activist & public speaker
This wasn’t a million years ago. /1

Another Black person played Mastodon "instance roulette" and lost.

We need a Mastodon instance Green Book pronto or this ain't gonna work.

This is starting to feel like the WW2 Dunkirk evacuation where the Black and Indian Commonwealth soldiers were abandoned on the beach...

Now that more of y'all are here this Mastodon thing is pretty dope.

Someone asked us earlier today how many of our Mastodon followers were established users vs newcomers. We weren't sure so...

Let's do a wildly unscientific survey!


The <img> element now supports lazy-loading, async decoding, Priority Hints and more. I wrote about some of them for the StackOverflow blog:

Helpful if optimizing UX & performance.


Almost 180k new users joined #mastodon yesterday, a new record. This third #twitterMigration wave happened after Musk's Twitter 2.0 ultimatum to #Twitter workers. Each wave is stronger than the previous one. Here is my updated plot showing the three consecutive waves.

Jeff Bezos says he'll be giving away most of his fortune: That's great, and $100 billion can make a real difference if it's well spent. But we would never think of building the interstate highway system with donations. Likewise, addressing child poverty, education inequity and other huge challenges can't depend on philanthropy. Smart tax policy changes would mean fewer big fortunes and less child poverty to address.

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