"Humans" an open poem. I published an open source poem and would love to see remixes/edits/versions. Github native poetry.


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Please enjoy the 8 computational poems just released in the new issue of Taper #4


All are free/open-source software, too

Start a campaign to get designers and developers to boycott working at Tw and Fb.

Ice cream in a taiyaki with pocky sticking out of it.

Sitting in a hotel in SF trying to figure out how to make a small new web art piece while waiting for a call in 45 minutes, but really want to be playing Dead Cells.

"Twenty Four Hour News Cycle" is a net art project exploring the pace of news on social media, recontextualizing information by changing its pace.


Starting to get my shit together to apply to MFA and possibly an MDes program or two. Feeling excited, nervous, and slightly crazy.

-- I'm a , , and who mainly works on tech related experimental things. I also teach at . Interested in , , , and more.


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