It's 2023. "Gosh, we didn't realize how people would misuse this" just isn't believable anymore.

Bare minimum, with any new tech:
1) How would a stalker use this?
2) What will 4chan do with this?

And don't release, not even as alpha or beta, before mitigating those risks.

#AIethics #ethNLP

Profit Without Oppression: A Blueprint for Building an Antiracist Organization is AVAILABLE NOW At Your Local Bookstore

We all admire Amsterdam for having the vision to replace car infrastructure with bike infrastructure. We see the positive uplift in small business activity, and livability. 🙂👍🏿

Now imagine doing that in reverse. Replace relatively safely walkable and bikeable infrastructure with car infrastructure. In fact, put in freeways. Demolish entire thriving wealthy neighborhoods with freeways that don't serve the neighborhood.🙃

That's what we did to Black folk. That's how we destroyed Black wealth.

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Philly schools will teach a unit on MOVE, part of the refreshed African American history curriculum
The unit is being developed in collaboration with Mike Africa Jr., and will also incorporate community feedback.

*Creating* generational wealth is not hard for Black people. It's happened many times in US history. There have been thriving communities.

*Keeping* generational wealth has proved to be nearly impossible. Between racist pogroms, and eminent domain used to create parks, freeways, reservoirs, and shopping malls, Black folk in the US have consistently had their wealth stolen by white folks.

I still run into New Yorkers that go to Central Park every week, but have never heard of Seneca Village.

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Still looking for a job. The market's been rougher to me than it's ever been since I came out publicly as trans.
My record?
6 years 0 breaches.
I was part of the security leadership team that helped get 1Password to a 6.8 billion USD valuation.
DFIR, infrasec, infraops, I got you.
Please reach out.

Cartoon charicature of two smiling women unpacking a wooden crate filled with Black History books. The crate is labeled Florida Oranges.

Throwing a party and inviting everyone else who was cut from the AP curriculum. It’s gonna be hot.

A Google Fi user got hit by a sim swap attack that resulted in his Authy account getting hacked. Since the hacker had control of the user's phone number, the hacker was able to add a new device to the Authy account and from there take control of the user's Coinbase and Outlook accounts.

One way to prevent this from happening to you is to make sure you (1) enroll at least one other device in your Authy account and then (2) have your Authy account set to disable multi device (as shown in the image below).

Doing task 1 will ensure that you always have at least 2 devices enrolled (in case you lose 1 of them). Task 2 will ensure that someone who gains control of your phone number won't be able to enroll new devices.

Solid reporting by @lorenzofb, btw.

WOW: The College Board erased everything from AP African American history course that Ron DeSantis objected to. This is how White supremacy thrives. The College Board should have held their ground but now they have sacrificed academic freedom to make white nationalists happy

This map shows where schools were segregated. Those states in red showed where this was required by Jim Crow laws.
Segregation was supposed to be outlawed in 1954.
My Grandpa wasn't born until 1958 but he tells me Segregation carried on for years after this .
The south wanted to hang onto their racist ways!

I have a great idea on how to regulate the financial sector

America was groomed into accepting a living standard where you can die or become permanently disabled by breathing in the wrong air, just like it was groomed into normalizing having a major political party that is openly trying to erase Black history.

Good morning, the empty bookshelves in Florida schools keep my head busy, since I'm a teacher with a library in my classroom in Berlin myself. That's a history lesson in front of our very eyes and exactly how fascism started in Germany. Books were banned and then burnt and everyone said, well, I can't do anything, I don't want to loose my job, I don't like it, but... Many little steps were made by many little people who didn't stand up against a new little rule. You know how this ends.

I am officially deceased after reading this Wall Street deli owner's response to the question of whether he asks his customers for stock tips:

We have one client which we manage an Azure tenant for. They require, and have specified, a zero-tolerance for device non-compliance.

In roughly two hours, 1647 devices are about to be locked out of access to organisation resources, wiped, and removed from Intune permanently.

4 meetings, 124 emails, and two phone calls a day for the last 14 days have warned them of this.

We’ve been *very* clear about what is about to happen for the last 13 months. Their internal management have *acknowledged* what is about to happen. But still, time marches on.

Death by middle-management.


Still shocked when I see things like this 1 TB microSD card. The equivalent of 694,400 floppy disks in a form so small I could swallow it painlessly with a bit of water.

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