@zens Fine, fine. I'll do it. You'll read about it in the news.

@zensaiyuki it looks like it is designed around having 3 batteries.

@zensaiyuki Some nice designs there (except for the calculator, that looks awful for usability)

The average number of skeletons in a body is greater than 1

Led Zeppelin were really great. (Listening to Mothership).

Link: How Australia played the world's first music on a computer 

On CSIRAC, a first-generation machine whose memory was mercury acoustic delay lines! theconversation.com/how-austra

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
my yard brings the boys milkshakes
i have automated this entire system
free boys

@ausfestivus Isn't that why TTLs were invented? So all caches know when to expire a record?

@teenbeaver It's a compact brolly so not as wide as a straight one. My backpack gets wet too.

This rain is crap. Walked 200m with umbrella and my pants are already soaking.

@ausfestivus I don't know why they didn't speed up existing payment systems. Or why they made implementation optional. Half the banks haven't bothered to implement PayID.

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