The average number of skeletons in a body is greater than 1

Led Zeppelin were really great. (Listening to Mothership).

Link: How Australia played the world's first music on a computer 

On CSIRAC, a first-generation machine whose memory was mercury acoustic delay lines!

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
my yard brings the boys milkshakes
i have automated this entire system
free boys

This rain is crap. Walked 200m with umbrella and my pants are already soaking.

Bacchus: The trans nonbinary diety of the dance rave, and psychoactive drugs. prototype for that well known party animal Jesus

QF128 from Hong Kong to Sydney now boarding. Cause it's Qantas, no more connectivity until Sydney. Ciao!

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Departing Helsinki in ~30 minutes for Hong Kong. You will not be rid of me so easily as I shall have WiFi.

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Hamburg seems a nice, tidy city. As I walked past the, err, lake, an open air screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was in progress.

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Half an hour late arriving in Hamburg isn't great cause I have to be on a return train in less than 2 hours (I could catch a 1-hour later return train than that, but if I plan for that and miss it, I'll really be stuffed)

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The couple in the seats in front of me are shopping for butt plugs and dildos on Amazon.

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