Is there a way to filter the federated (or local) stream by language or character set? If not, is there another instance that is English-speaking that anyone can recommend?

Watching the federated stream is like turning on the TV in a foreign hotel.

@bobjinx This explains why I don't understand most of what is coming over the federated stream nowadays.

@Maniactive Yes, I do think that will happen at least a little. I would rather this be true than have somebody censoring which instances were allowed to join the federation though!

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I've been having fun telling friends about mastodon 🤓🤓 Here's an analogy I use to explain it: If you have an email address with gmail you can still email your friends who have a yahoo address, right? But twitter, facebook, snapchat, etc are different bc you can only reach ppl on the same service. Mastodon is open like email. Mastodon kinda looks like twitter but it's more open & less centralized--you can msg ppl across mastodon servers & you could even run your own mastodon server

Guys, the fact that your usernames aren't unique isn't a big deal. It's how Slack works. It's how email works. It's even how your real name works. Think about it!

@chaeseco when the account (bot) follows you from another instance, it causes your toots to be sent over there via federation. The bot exists to bridge instances.

Did I miss it, or has nobody done yet? :seedling:

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mastodon meta 

I wrote a small patch for Mastodon that got accepted yesterday. It lets you set up an email domain whitelist for your instance. For example, if your school wants to set up an instance just for students, they can do it by limiting signups to addresses at ``.

What do you think the odds are that will implement some sort of global nickname catalog? Instances could opt-in to a single namespace.

Please go watch ! Help this great SciFi show not get cancelled!

Well, I tried to set up my own instance. Unfortunately, none of the instructions work properly on CentOS 7 and I'm tired of trying to guess what's wrong.

@sophia Great idea, I'm running LM18 on at Core Solo mac mini and it works well.

Is there a guideline on many users a Mastodon instance can host on a certain size node?

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