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Since it’s the everything on AppCenter is available DRM free! Oh wait, it’s always been like that. Nice.

In compliance with Github's community standards, all of our repos now link to our Code of Conduct:

We just passed $1,000 on Patreon! Thanks times 1,000 to all of our amazing supporters! :D

You seem to love our Terminal tees so much that now we have Terminal mugs!

Hey developers, there's a new Granite out! We talk about what's new and what's next in our latest blog post

Hey Designers, wanna get involved with elementary OS? Check out the new Design section on our Get Involved page

You are not the product. A reminder from our founder about our stance on advertising and tracking:

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I was at the Houston Johnson Space Center all day reppin' @elementary with my old school shirt. When I got home, lo and behold there was a gift in the mail for me!

In our latest blog post, @cassidyjames highlights some of cool apps that are being published in AppCenter by our private beta testers

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