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Kapow! Check out that fresh, hot, new developer page design! Major shoutouts to @alecaddd@twitter.com for his design work here! buff.ly/2JsoUEe

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If you have elementary OS and use a lot of webapps (like Google Play Music, for instance) do yourself a favor and pick up Webpin in the AppCenter!

I love that it doesn't just create a shortcut in the Launcher, but also launches a standalone window.

You can even set a custom icon and window / titlebar color. And notifications work too!

@h4ck3r9 We don’t really have the resources to develop another operating system at the moment, but we’d love to do mobile someday when we do :)

@Tvax_x No, sorry. We only publish Gtk3 apps in AppCenter

@drequivalent@mastodonsocial.ru We’re working on it! The issue comes from a number of components and we’re waiting for their next releases

@Larnicone We’ve talked about ways you could invoke different types of searches in the applications menu, but no concrete plans as of yet. Files is still the best place to search for Files :)

Hey developers this one is for you! Learn about shipping icons for HiDPI and making them nicer on other displays too medium.com/elementaryos/develo

@zeebok@mastodon.rocks So far so good. We're doing as much review automatically as possible and we've identified a number of places we can use more automation :)

In our latest blog post, we revisit some great points raised by Ubuntu designer MPT nearly 7 years ago medium.com/elementaryos/appcen

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