@cygnetsilks @elementary I have elementary stickers that @danrabbit gave me some while back if you want that. I also have GNOME stickers too :D

@sri @danrabbit @elementary
Sure! I started building my sticker collection when I decided to cover the apple on my Macbook running linux. Might as well keep it going. Thanks! If we can organize that Portland Linux Folks hangout one of these days...

@cygnetsilks @elementary @danrabbit hang out? Well, I can setup a beer with a week's notice. :) I'm happy to add you to our beering mailing list. :) Meet cool folks - mostly kernel developrs, but we have other people folks too.

@sri @danrabbit @elementary Oh, I thought there was talk of a Linux-y Portland hang out, with Christian and folks. I don't need to crash your developer meetup. :)

@cygnetsilks @elementary @danrabbit that's kind of an 'on-demand' kind of thing.. which is honestly how the other one works too. Although lately I seem to be the one demanding it.. heh

@sri Cool. Well, it'll be fun to be sociable if the opportunity comes around. Takes the edge off me rattling away to my friends and family about linux stuff they don't actually care about...

@cygnetsilks Hopefully soon! We have to bug our lady designer about logo size and placement to make sure it looks right :)

@elementary it looks nice, but I don't want to contract a case of "terminal shirt", I guess if it's not contagious it'll be fine though

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