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elementary @elementary

In our latest blog post, @cassidyjames highlights some of cool apps that are being published in AppCenter by our private beta testers medium.com/elementaryos/appcen

@elementary Is Medium the place to go now for elementary new/blogs? I know it was previously the Tumblr which became blog.elementary.io, but these days most stuff seem to be Medium links

@fogg Yep! We moved our blog to Medium :)

@elementary Awesome, will update my RSS link :)

@elementary @cassidyjames Are those in the AppCenter now, or just they will be? I couldn't find them when searching...

@gaditb Not yet! They're currently only available for the private beta testers who backed our IndieGoGo campaign.

@elementary Cool. (Darn, I wasn't able to contribute when that was going on.) I can't wait for it/them to hit public!

@gaditb Soon! We're pretty excited about it too :D