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elementary @[email protected]

It's almost 2018! As we count down, check out our wrap up post for 2017 :) medium.com/elementaryos/our-20

Hey developers this one is for you! Learn about shipping icons for HiDPI and making them nicer on other displays too medium.com/elementaryos/develo

In our latest blog post, we revisit some great points raised by Ubuntu designer MPT nearly 7 years ago medium.com/elementaryos/appcen

Have you explored AppCenter recently? There's now over 30 curated, native apps custom built for elementary OS! mastodon.cloud/media/ukzANCud7

Want to help make elementary OS even more awesome? Check out our Get Involved page! elementary.io/get-involved

Since it’s the everything on AppCenter is available DRM free! Oh wait, it’s always been like that. Nice.