@SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD people literally left Twitter to come to a site where people didn't use the moderation system to defend their prejudices and attack minorities.
Wheaton followed the crowd and immediately called the cops on a bunch of transwomen who thought this might be a place they didn't have to deal with his fake woke celebrity transphobe bullshit

I don't blame the mods per se. I blame Wheaton's white, cis, male, thin skinned attempt to invoke the same power structures that protect him here on the shitty crypto-fascist birdsite.
He's the internet equivalent of the white ppl who call the cops on black ppl having a bbq in the park.

And people jumping on this drama equivalent of those 200kg "feminists" with blue hair that get offended at everything.

Grow up. What do you think will happen. When the site keeps growing? Right now 1.5m users ;Twitter has a thousand times that. Just deal with reports and messages how it was intended - with a block button.


@Wraptile @SEMIANONYMOUSCOWARD hi. You've wandered into the wrong section. Go fight against "teh sjws" somewhere else. Thanks.

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