Hoy hace 6 años que murió Aaron Swartz por la presión del Gobierno de EEUU. Él solo quería y luchaba por hacer el internet más libre. #AaronSwartz

You have a limited amount of time in this world. You decide whether to spend it being “neutral” (legitimising trillion-dollar surveillance capitalists) or working with those of us trying to raise awareness about their abuses so we can actually regulate them and get funding for ethical alternatives that don’t rely on them. If you’re doing the former don’t you dare criticise those doing the latter. We’re not the ones punching down and we don’t owe you an explanation for doing the right thing.

And, as an easy way to recall his fight, watch "The Internet's Own Boy", the heartbreaking and at the same time heartlifting documentary that tells his life and story.

You can watch it freely and for free at Internet Archive:


I invite you to start a tradition. Every January 11th, the day he left this world under huge pressure, remember and research why matters, and why the fight for a free is far from over.

But his life is more known because he dared to confront huge educational institutions and scientific publishers that try to keep all the power of human knowledge to their benefit.

He took part in the creation of RSS, Creative Commons, Reddit and Markdown, among other initiatives.

Today, take some time to remember , young activist for that also helped developing some of the most important concepts and technologies for the of today.


La forma de trabajo en abierto del permite un nivel de seguimiento y transparencia increíble. Para muestra, este resumen anual de desarrollo del Librem 5 (móvil libre y centrado en la privacidad):


#Linux is a good privacy-conscious alternative to Microsoft Windows. It's free, fast and easy.

-Modern forms of Linux (such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint) are as easy to use as Windows or Mac. They're well supported, with popular apps like Spotify and Steam.

-If you're having trouble making an installation USB stick, you can order them online: osdisc.com/

-You can buy PCs with Linux preinstalled from a wide range of shops:

#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteMicrosoft

2018 was a great year for Purism! 2019 is going to be a great year for those who oppose SurveillanceCapitalism - check out our blog post on what we've been up to for the past 3 months - puri.sm/posts/end-of-year-libr #OpposeSurveillanceCapitalism #DefendFreedom

it doesn't really work yet, apart authorization, but Chris Davis is working on a #GNOME client for @MastodonProject@twitter.com ..which btw is written on #GTK #Rust✌️


oh btw, i have a #Mastodon account too!

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