Ivory is out! By far and away my favorite Mastodon app.

Before @ivory, Mastodon felt like a Twitter clone that I wasn’t really “getting”, bouncing between apps and not finding any that fit me.

With Ivory, Mastodon became not only a drop-in replacement for Twitter for me, but an upgrade that’s actually so much better than Twitter that I don’t think about it at all anymore.

I immediately subscribed to the highest Ivory plan. They deserve our support!


Say Hello to Ivory. We are now available to all on Apple’s App Store! We have launched as “Early Access” because we still have a lot of exciting plans ahead of that will make Ivory even better. Go download it, try it free for 7 days, and experience it for yourself!


Having spent a good chunk of my life reviewing data and charts, this is some of the most infuriating tripe I’ve seen.


This! This is how big tech needs to consider their employees. They are real people with real lives and mass layoffs have real consequences.

From: @scott

Has anyone seen a way to follow @mattermost on Mastodon yet? I find their shared articles helpful and informative and don't want to miss out, but I'm off the Bluebird train. Can anyone help?

The apps are gone, but the developers are not! I’m sad to see apps that delighted so many people and shaped Twitter killed without a shred of dignity.

Thanks a million to the Iconfactory team (@gedeonm, @bigzaphod, @chockenberry, @talosman, & @piraino) & the folks at @tapbots)!! 🫶

An absolute kick in the teeth to all the indie devs who worked so hard to make Twitter a better experience for so many. Twitterrific was officially discontinued today and pulled off the App Store after 16 years of development. Among other firsts, they first used "tweet" to describe an update, first used a bird icon, and were the first native client on iPhone and Mac. blog.iconfactory.com/2023/01/t

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A nice visualization and explanation of some economically relevant math: pudding.cool/2022/12/yard-sale

I'm not sure I grok Mastodon, but it's good to have open options.

I wish I could rapidly order a small potato snack via Mastodon so I could get Two Tots by Tooting, Tout Suite

Reminder: if you came here from Twitter, register with the Mastodon Bridge so you can link back up with others who've done the same thing. bridge.joinmastodon.org/

@gamehawk@mastodon.social I have been meaning to give this a closer look. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

@danbenjamin Figures my first post has a nonsensical error in it. Score!

@danbenjamin no clue what this thing is, but I'm not this ride now. The suspense is killing me. What comes next?


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