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I’ve been on a run of releasing open source projects. Tonight I published a simple gem that allows you to write plugins for the CommonMarker Markdown parsing library :)

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More Linux gaming news: Valve (Steam) breaks the shackles of Proton (Steam Play).

This one doesn't amuse the 100% native Linux port side, though.

Good news if some games:

* were abandoned by their developers

* native clients have bad performance

* native clients have a crippled multiplayer mode

It can be suspected that there will be more (top notch) native Linux ports via more Linux adoption.

These can be gateways.

==> boilingsteam.com/valve-breaks-
#Linux #Proton #Valve #SteamPlay #gaming

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Quite impressive how well Monster Hunter World runs on AMD (Vega) with Proton:

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And here is my latest article on Proton, covering for the most part what is new with the latest 2 beta versions of that fantastic tool. boilingsteam.com/proton-is-get

Deadpool 2 was average but this promotional card was pretty funny.

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