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Great to see an open source, federated alternative for social networking - lets see how this works out compared to & diaspora*

I'm not sure how the US Republic will survive the Republicans. I'm boiling over with rage over the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. That seat was stolen from Obama and now stink of Trump's treason will infect the court for a generation.

I'm enjoying seeing Turkish and Arabic "toots" stream by, I hope this is a relatively safe platform free from state (and nasty non-state for that matter) surveillance.

Would Mastodon sue the government to protect your Identity? 🤔

I like some of the thinking in Mastadon. It's great to decentralize and community manage critical social networking. It will be even better if the underlying pipes are similarly trusted with ideas in this conference:


These instances are not run on commercial servers that proprietary companies can afford. More often than not, these are hobbyists running an instance for the benefit of Mastodon.

DO NOT SPREAD WORD OF MASTODON WITHOUT CLARIFYING THIS. If you do, everyone coming will flock to, which puts a strain on that one instance and makes it look bad. There are other instances for a reason.

Other than that small preparation, be sure to donate to your instance admin.

So now I'm getting twitter notifications about people tooting.

I didn't think the future would be like this. I thought there would be more spaceships.

@Electricarchaeo I think we found a new playground for your bots. 

Unleash upir bots of oddities!

How does this content warning thing work? 

Argh! Dirty pirate talk here.

So this seems like a promising experiment in "platform coorperativism":

If it's genuinely disruptive (to entrenched power), it's probably going to be made illegal somehow.

I think we're having some trouble scaling this service.

Crap. I got a 500 error instead of a 429. That means I broke it.

I just blocked Donald Trump from my timeline and it felt delicious. Thank you who ever pretended to be him.

Shoot! Getting the open social metadata to show up in these posts would be a huge improvement.

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OK. Probably one of the first "toots" about . I hope there are more.

Perhaps a picture of this terracotta gorgon will show up in this toot?

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