@Algot I'm migrating over to:


for better terms of service and moderation policies.

@aejolene I'm using bridge.joinmastodon.org/ but am getting lots of errors on some people. I wonder if the server is over taxed? But anyway, at least I was able to connect with about 2 dozen Twitter contacts. THANKS!

Trying my best to filter out all the Japanese porn...

On the plus side: I'm glad there's no world leader on this platform threatening nuclear war.

On the negative side: Sadly, there aren't that many other people using this platform for other purposes either.

Go to your local and protest will you still can (and before radioactive fallout makes it unhealthy).

It's important.

If you are a denizen of the SF Bay Area, here's the info for the San Francisco march:


So slow... Push git push! Before the heat death of the universe please!!

Roman era dirt looks like Halaf and Ubaid era dirt in the Mediterranean world.

Not a very deep or inspired thought, but you're welcome.

Bummer. I wish could use the Open Graph metadata that Twitter and Facebook uses. It would make shared links more lively in this platform.

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Let's see if Masto can show pictures via links:

Here's the direct link to the pict:

And here's the Web page for it: opencontext.org/media/FEDA00BF

It's a terracotta modeled cat, an architectural decoration from an early Etruscan building.

While fixing some issues with our RDF dump for the Pelagios project.

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