@aejolene I'm using but am getting lots of errors on some people. I wonder if the server is over taxed? But anyway, at least I was able to connect with about 2 dozen Twitter contacts. THANKS!

@DrDonnaYates @ekansa @aejolene

This instance seems faster, less buggy, and I'm seeing less Japanese porn. But mostly, Jolene noted it has better moderation and TOS policies.

@ekansa @aejolene

Aha okay. I'm still trying to weigh the pros and cons of big instance vs little instance.

@aejolene @ekansa It feels like once I decide, the decision is forever somehow. I'm just indecisive

@DrDonnaYates @aejolene

Yep the architecture of this is a little weird. In principle, I'm all for distributed and open source infrastructure. But any one node may be under resourced and if they grow to big, won't handle the strain.

mastodon filter tipp 

@DrDonnaYates @ekansa @aejolene @ekansa
mastoson tipp:

you can filter out the languages you're not wanting to see in your streamline:
go into the >settings >preferences >choose language to filter

also you can filter out toots that are using words you have no interest in.

Wow! I'm impressed you connected with 2 dozen. I think I've only connected with 2. I'll have to keep working on it.

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