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@yhancik @starbreaker @paulsheprow @CobaltVelvet @tcql @nolan I have actually argued in blog posts that orgs should run instances. I have no opinion on #brand accounts. Personally I prefer individuals rather than faceless multi-person accounts, but that's just my own opinion, not a rule or anything.

As we're coming up towards 1000 Mastodon instances, a quick reminder to our newest #Mastodon #admins to sign up for the mailing list, so you can stay up to date on releases, current known bugs, and community issues.

It's also a great place to meet and greet with your fellow Mastodon admins.

I wrote about Mastodon the other day. Here's the piece I wrote on ZDNet :

I'm impressed with its growth and stability so far. I'll be watching closely as brands try to work out how to monetize this new audience 😊

Crickey - I was offline for three days and have noticed a massive growth in users and instances.
instances have doubled from 410 to 900, instances with only one users have gone from 12 to over 100, and users have grown by over 100k.
These are stats that and would be proud of... :)

ooh, I just noticed that the logo is different to the . Do you know of any other mods out there?
The possibilities are endless :-)

Its a contrast to keep up with the latest security vulnerabilities and have a new client show me the spreadsheet that all the front counter staff use to keep customers CC# so they can "automate payment" :ok_hand:

Just in case there are any new Mastodon instance admins out there reading this, the number one thing you need to have in place if you want any sustained presence on the open web is a backup system in place and tested. This was one of the things I found early on with the !Freedombone project. If you don't have backups, or only an untested system, then any database corruption, failed hard drive or whatever can delete your entire user community overnight. I think that happened to at least one gnusocial server after the 2016 Twitter exodus.

Freedombone uses Obnam to do encrypted backups with a gpg key, but there are various other options available.

Q: Somebody is demanding that /I/ stop discussing some topic or subject, or conceal that content. What should I do?

A: Most Mastodon / OSocial instances request that "not safe for work" content (generally: nudity, sex), carry an NSFW hashtag. On Mastodon (but not OSocial), the "content warning" (CW) feature can be used to conceal body content. Common courtesy suggests not posting spoilers of current dramatic events (TV, radio, video, film, etc.) Generally, try to keep this in mind.

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The story of Burger King using a TV advert to trigger Google Assistant devices is pretty funny. Any device that heard the question "OK Google, what is the Whopper Burger?" would start reading out the Wikipedia entry for the Whopper - which quickly got amended to include 'toenails' as their key ingredient.

Here's the ad in question :

Youtube showing Google Home responding:

(Google have now blocked it)

In last 96 hours on , I found:
- 3 sci-fi I haven't read before
- 50 great sites
- five programming concepts
- three
- ideas on /#GS for teaching
- insights on how to debate in

Over the same 96 hours, similar browsing, in Facebook and Twitter, I found:
- 50 different posts about funny memes on Airlines
- Several hundred vanity posts and selfies
- 1 article on
- Trolls fighting with each other.
Go figure!

OMG, I dropped my phone and this popped up πŸ˜‚

The question as to whether Mastodon will replace Twitter is really a question of how willing Mastodon is willing to dumb itself down. Most people on Twitter and Facebook really are not that tech savvy. Their knowledge begins and ends for the most part at logon. Twitter is for the most part simple to use, you sign up, you logon and your pretty much ready to go. I think in the end barrier for the average Twitter will be grasping the concept of "instances."

#Mastodon v1.1.2 should come pretty soon. This instance is on latest master right now, which means upgrade to Ruby 2.4.1 (perf improvements), a better styled emoji dialog, boost confirmation dialogs, and proper scrolling for filtered notifications.

A few things I'm really liking about Mastodon, Mobile Web interface (Chrome/Android):

1. The text dialog runs the full width of the screen, in landscape mode. That's how I type (Bluetooth keyboard) on my 9" tablet. This makes actually /writing/ text viable.

2. The ability to select what notifications I see. It's /just/ Mentions right now -- Boosts and Favourites are too much noise. I'll check them from time to time.

Both make for a much more usable interface than other platforms: Reddit.

Mastodon stats & network monitoring.


See the zoom-out functionality for a broader time horizon. This is pretty awesome.

I'm finding I can scroll through the timeline more quickly, stopping for toots that are more than 4 lines.
they tend to have far more valuable commentary than others.
What's your way of dealing with the firehose of toots? /is my way inefficient?
Looking for interesting folks to follow

Just imagine one edge case we're not seeing for now: many people using it (let's say millions) and following a very famous person
That person must have their own instance at this point, at least.

... what happens when they toot?
just imagine the enormous peaks and lag it'll do. And we're not even talking about media.

How would Mastodon realistically handle Katy Perry? I have no idea.

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I've been posting a number of anti-bot arguments to my FAQ, and would like to get some balance in the discussion.

Could you please circulate this post among the pro-followbot crowd and have them put arguments in favour as replies?


I just went around and did some basic nmap-ing on the most popular Mastodon instances, and there's some seriously sketchy stuff in there. Publicly reachable Postgres servers, tons of open internal HTTP ports, SSH with password login, multiple Mastodon instances that seem to be running on mail server VMs, …

I guess if you're just running a single-user instance for yourself, sure, but those are all 2000+ user instances.

both and are closed for registration. suppose .cloud looks less trendy :)

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