A nice look back at all of the articles written as mastodon hit the social scene last month.
From its initial explosive growth it seems to have settled down as people navigate their way around and get to know each other.
I dip in and out from time to time and still love what I see on here..


lol - look out! lions!
brb - bees are beautiful
afk - afraid for kangaroos
kek - german for 'biscuit' (ie: "top kek" = I just had a nice biscuit.)

now you can internet without being afraid!

A social media-free weekend gas been rather nice
Back to work tomorrow so need to catch up.....
So what have I missed??

@pjbryant enjoy - find some interesting folks to follow - I follow some fascinating folks.... sit back and enjoy the conversation..

@dredmorbius @skk @gideonro will read it later thanks. First, weekend stuff like market shopping, baking bread and making cheese ;)

My formulation is "rivality is the counterpoint of virality". That is: whilst it's true that any one post or comment can go viral, /only one item/ can be the most-seen (or listened to, or watched, or read) of some time period and audience.

As your audience (and contributor) pool increases, the number of top-10 slots remains constant.

And there's a limit to media consumption per day, either individually or for a population. Somewhere between 10 - 1k items.


Since what you see on the Federated timeline is /not/ everything posted anywhere on Mastodon (or extended networks), but (generally) what's postsed by profiles /followed by your local instance/, there's a much more effective interest filter from Mammouth.cafe. Again, I am contributing a lot to that (something I now have to consider), but I'm appreciating a generally more-sober stream. And more readable one.

This plays into information overload, a growing interest.


@dredmorbius I'm sure there's a way to mute all posts where charset=kanji. even a non programmer like me can suss that out. Twitter does that at the back end...

@dredmorbius you're persuading me...!!
reluctant to boost your post in case your new instance gets flooded too :)

@dredmorbius aah - that makes sense - I think all the Japanese users flocked there after a media article - trouble is, you can't tell what mastodon is like until you are in an instance. its still the wild west here with no form of education for folks joining. perhaps all admins should describe the activity on their instance more fully :)

For those !postActiv admins out there: pawoo.net seems to be engaging in a lot of data mining and that kind of pulling from databases via the API.  If you wish to be proactive about protecting the privacy of your issues, you might want to block them or consider measures to limit their API access.  The latter is very technical with the current state of the codebase however (I will have to consider proper much less complicated means to do so)  If you wish to block them, you can get the current IPs from a DIG of their addresses.  As always, the decision to block, impose other sanctions, or do nothing, is on individual instance admins, but do be aware they're doing that kind of thing.  #postactiv

@dredmorbius ontology? That's a good academic term :)
you must have a masters in something... :)

So, mammouth.cafe/@dredmorbius why did you move from mastodon.social? - or is this just securing your name on .café??
are you going to talk about different things on this instance?

did I miss something? (Have been out teaching tech for a couple of days...)

@centzon400 I'll stick around here - there are lots of really interesting people on here - the challenge is finding them eh @pjbryant ? :)

Mastodon cloud o Mastodon ar. Esa es la cuestión.

@funbreaker@mstdn.io yeah - I missed this earlier today - I was doing funded work and didn't want any distraction whilst I focused on what I had to do...
This is just too interesting atm :D

@stefanieschulte aah - that makes sense. as soon as anything gains popularity, then the fakers want to play.
thanks for the link - I missed that one... :)


When I first looked at this there were just over 100,000 users. Now there's well over a million on instances.mastodon.xyz
That is stunning growth indeed mastodon.cloud/media/MonvVBtvA

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