A nice look back at all of the articles written as mastodon hit the social scene last month.
From its initial explosive growth it seems to have settled down as people navigate their way around and get to know each other.
I dip in and out from time to time and still love what I see on here..

@eileenb Hey. The block wars definitely seem to be having an impact. I'm seeing a drastic fall in traffic / discussion, and am noticing that many of the people I've followed are on nodes blocked by my home instance ( Was just posting about that.

Feeling a bit :(

@dredmorbius @eileenb i agree that other tools are needed to complement admin-level instance blocking. that said the experience on the FTL is far better for me on nodes with more aggressive instance blocking. right now i think one of the challenges is the limitations of the current web UX - LTL and FTL aren't enough as things scale.

@jdp23 @dredmorbius @eileenb hopefully admin will be less aggressive about blocking once user-lever instance silencing/blocking is added.

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